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Best thing about being a tattoo artist
Being a tattoo artist feels like a piece of art. Creating pieces of exceptional beauty and do something that involves skill and style makes it so much fun and treat. This profession lets you to explore people, their stories, culture, values, ethics and background. So, for the people who are always curious to know different personalities, stories, this is your perfect place to be, be a tattoo artist and create your imagination and your world with your permanent art.

Family reaction
When I told my sister that I want to learn this art, she was shocked but confident about me being an artist. She instantly said yes without asking too many questions. My mother and father’s reaction was also the same. They were not dramatic at all, it was normal and they were happy about my decision.

After care
After getting a tattoo, open your bandage after three hours and clean it with dove soap by making foam and then clean it with water and wipe it off with a clean tissue paper not with wet wipes. Make sure that there should not be any residue on your tattoo; clean it first, dry it and then apply tattoo cream which your tattoo artist recommends you. Apply a small amount of cream that it gets absorbed in your skin. Check after every 10 to 15 minutes, if any droplets are forming on the tattoo then clean it with a tissue paper and make sure you do not drink alcohol, before and after 48 hrs of getting a tattoo and take a break from gym for at least 5 days and avoid sunlight and dust.

Future plans
To learn more skills and create more beautiful tattoos. I would love to learn cooking culinary food, like fine dining foods and become a chef. Then I will be a fine chef and a good tattoo artist too.

Skills to be a successful tattoo artist
Practice and Patience is very important. I believe one should be a patient tattoo artist then only he or she can create a perfect art piece. Tattoos require concentration, artistic skills, health, safety measures, listening, understanding, clients’ preference and understanding their thought process is very important.

New trends
I check profiles of my senior tattoo artists, how they are working, and what new things are in and what clients are like nowadays.

Inspiration while creating something new
My inspiration varies according to my mood

DIVINIYA– Tattoo Artist
Address: Kamz Inkzone Tattoo Chandigarh
Sector 35, SCO 409-410, First Floor Above CCD, Chandigarh

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