Aleksandra Liashkova: Miss Supermodel Worldwide 2018

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She has lucid and practical answers for just about anything. She envisions herself being the mother of a happy child in later years, an insinuation of the feminine beauty of her persona. Belarus Model, Aleksandra Liashkova has been crowned Miss Supermodel Worldwide 2018 in an extravagant ceremony at Gurugram, India. Her guise and persona makes Aleksandra an undisputed, newest sensation in the modelling arena worldwide! For a long time she lived in Minsk, Belarus, and currently lives in Moscow. Alexandra grew up in a military family, but she always wanted to work in the field of ‘beauty’. Her first beauty contest participation happened in 2016 when some friends invited Alexandra to take part in the Russian pageant Miss Perm Region 2016, where she got the second place, receiving the title of 1-st Vice-Miss. Then in 2017, she participated in the Miss Volga contest, where she represented her hometown and won the Miss Audience Choice nomination – the entire city voted for the girl. Here is a conversation with the Belarus beauty…

When did you start your journey as a model?
Once when I was 18-years-old, my mom said that I am excellent in photographs, this was the beginning of my modelling career. I began to publish my photos, and photographers began to invite me to a photo shoots.

Who is your favorite fashion icon?
I am not one of those girls who chase brands, I love to dress stylishly, but I don’t have an icon of style.

How much is privacy important to you in this age of social media?
Social networks are my job (I have more than 100k followers on Instagram), I post bright and real photos there, but the most important thing is always behind the scenes, for example, family.

What does fashion mean to you?
Fashion is not just the right clothes, it’s habits, taste and whole image.

The most treasured item in your closet?
Warm New Year’s sweater, it’s cold now, and I love comfort.

What does your morning routine includes?
I wake up early in the morning, prepare a delicious breakfast and go to the gym.

One thing you cannot live without?
Probably, I would choose a pen or a pencil, I like to draw.

What is the best and the worst thing about being a model?
The worst quality of the model is laziness and not self-confidence, the best quality in the model is naturalness and energy.

What advice would you give to a 16-year-old you?
Do not try to be like others, be unique and real.

One beauty product you swear by?
Light foundation, I rarely do make-up.

Three things that are always in your bag?
Phone, pencil and lip gloss.

If your days had an extra hour, what you would do?
Would spend it with loved ones.

Most memorable modelling moment?
Of course, this is a victory at the Miss Supermodel Worldwide 2018 and the day when I decided to organize a national stage of this contest in Russia.

Your favorite fashion designer?
I have no favorites, I like to combine brands and styles.

Your favorite makeup artist?
I know a lot of good make-up artists, I can’t single out one.

Who is your 3 am friend?
I have many friends all over the world! After winning the Miss Supermodel Worldwide 2018 contest, I got a lot of friends, like Sandeep Kumar from India and Yana Grigoryan from Armenia.

Your biggest style regret?
When I was little, in the performance I was given the role of potatoes, probably only that.

Do you watch TV shows if yes which is your all time favorite show?
I don’t watch TV, only cartoons sometimes.

Your advice to young models?
My advice to young models is to be confident, to be yourself.

Describe yourself as a child and your relations with your family? What did you aspire to become when you were a child?
My family is the most important thing for me, it is my support and reliance, I love them very much. I was a kind and cheerful child, I wanted to become a veterinarian and save animals.

Are you a fitness freak? What is your health regime?
Yes, of course, I go to workouts every day, when I was in India, I also visited gym.

Have you ever thought of being a lead actor in a movie produced by a leading production house? Any thoughts of acting in Indian films or Hollywood?
Yes, I spent all my childhood on the stage, and it is interesting for me to try myself as an actress.

Your favorite song?
I listen to different music, for example now I like to listen to New Year’s songs.

Which social media platform is your personal favorite and why?
Instagram because it’s the most open and better describes the account owner.

How do you handle internet trolling? Have you ever come across any such incident where you faced trolling?
I perceive only objective criticism; I think that it is better not to pay attention to negative comments.

Any special qualities you desire in your life partner?
Wisdom, honesty, loyalty, kindness.

Things that annoys you in a man or is the deal breaker in a relationship for you.
My man is perfect.

A fashion designer whose style and outfits you love the most?
Oh, too many good designers, so this is a very difficult question.

Your idea of a perfect date would be…
For me, the main thing is not a place, but a person.

Food you love to eat…
Seafood, vegetables and fruits.

Three things you can’t live without…
My red cat Ovsyanka.

How do you tackle the routine stress of life and work…
Positive mood and delicious breakfast makes my day better.

The best couple you have come across in real life and in reel-life (the celeb world) and why….
The best couple in my opinion is my grandmother and grandfather.

What is your personal favorite style? Casual, in clothes I like to combine basic things and nude colors.

Whom would you like to get stranded with on a deserted island?
With my beloved man and cat.

Who is your inspiration and why?
I’m inspired by my family and my surroundings, because I love them.

Would you ever go out on a blind date? If yes, with whom you would like to go out with?

One thing that nobody knows about you…
I don’t have secrets.

Describe yourself in three words…
Kind, cheerful and purposeful.

Things you love and hate about yourself…
I’m responsible and never deceive – appreciate these qualities in myself, know only one minus – (I‘m very voracious).

The best moment of your life was…
It’s very personal.

What is love for you…
Love is freedom.

Your interests and hobbies besides modelling
I love to draw, cook and travel.

Where do you want to see yourself in future… In the future, I see myself at home as the mother of the happiest baby.

A message for upcoming models…
Be yourself!

(Special thanks to Yana
Grigoryan for her inputs)

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