Coco Ballucci- Painting the world with makeup brushes

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Coco Ballucci is a leading, celebrity makeup artist

Coco Ballucci has cemented her place as one of the most sought after names in the makeup industry today. She has worked with all the Pollywood actors. Here in this conversation with her on making it big in Pollywood. I started my journey as a fashion designer. After completing my course from Calcutta, I worked with Sabyasachi for two months. I was in textile department. I wanted to change my job but there were a lot of trainees already in the industry. Then I decided to quit my job and come to Chandigarh. There were no big designer stores here except for Satya Paul and Ritu Kumar but they were not hiring any designers. There was no scope. So, I switched my career. I joined Meenakshi Dutt (makeup artist) and started learning makeup. I bought some makeup products from the money I had earned and started doing my own venture. I complete two years this July as a makeup artist and I feel Punjabi actors are amazing. They have promoted my work a lot and it highlighted my career. I started with Sara Gurpal and now I am working with all the Punjabi actors including Neeru Bajwa, Wamiqa Gabbi, Sonam Bajwa, and many more. I was not very good at the beginning but then I realized people are spending their hard earned money on me. I decided to work hard and started putting a lot of effort in learning. And for a long time, I didn’t tell my parents that I am pursuing makeup as a career until I started earning well. Switching my career was the biggest hurdle in my life and I believe I have passed it with utmost grace and hard work. I am a self-taught makeup artist; I learnt a lot of things through YouTube.

I believe in minimalism. I love to do make up but only to enhance the feature s and not to change the look. I love eye makeup.

“I am an entertainer. I cannot stop myself from talking.”

Every actor in Punjabi industry has influenced me a lot. Everybody’s stories and struggle is different. When I started working in this industry, I went through a difficult phase. People used to hate me and throw bad comments on me, because of my sexual orientation. It was heart breaking. But my biggest strength is “me”. It helped me move forward. It is very important for women to uplift each other today because if we as women don’t support each other, how can we expect the men to do the same. Today every woman struggles to be herself and for her safety. It is the most difficult challenge that women faces today.

Quickest ways to turn a work look into a party look
Mix the moisturizer and foundation together and apply it on your face, put some kajal and thick mascara on your eyes and you are good to go!

Favorite beauty trend
Centre partition of hair

Ways to rock the latest trends
Just know the right color palette. Focus on your skin, not on applying a lot of makeup. Your skin should remain healthy.

Celebrities on your bucket list to work with
Kim Kardashian and Deepika Padukone

Makeup items no woman should leave home without
Mascara, Moisturizer and Lipstick or Blush, depends upon the person

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