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Being aprofessional prosthetic and celebrity makeup artist, Sushmita Singh’s fascination for makeup began since childhood. Art has always fascinated her! Her journey started with a short-term Germany based makeup course. And her husband has always been the biggest support in her journey. After learning the basics, she learned more about makeup through researching relevant content and following international artists like Stephen Dupis, Troy D’souza, Subhash Shinde and Zuby Zohal. She has worked with TV shows like Savdhan India, Crime Patrol, and for brands like Rabya, Jabong, Myntra and many more. Sushmita has taught more than 25,000 students till now.

In the words of Sushmita Singh

Being a working mother…
Being a working mother is very difficult. I keep my personal and professional lifeseparate. But I give my kid all the attention he needs. There was phase whenI was busy with work and could not spend much time with my boy. Then I decided to quit my work with TV/Films. I wanted my child to enjoy his childhood like everybodyelse of his age. So, I stopped prioritizing ad shoots, TV serials and film line makeups and focused more towards my academy. Due to it having a more detailed and distinct schedule than the former.

I am inspired by my mothera lot. I want to become like her as a person. If you are a good person, you can play all roles perfectly.

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Prosthetic makeup
In prosthetic makeup we play more with the skin. There are a lot of things that come under this, like
– Illusion makeup- multiple eyes, lips
– Fantasy makeup- looking like a vampire, zombie
– Crime scenes- burn marks, bullet marks, cuts on skin
– Molding masks- changing face by adding artificial skin
This is a myth that if a person is a prosthetic makeup artist he/she cannot be a bridal makeup artist. Expertise is not checked by barriers. Also, it involves a lot of research, for example, if we have to show a crime- a bullet shot scene. The mark of the bullet depends upon the distance from where the bullet is shot, how old is the body, which gun was used.

Bridal Makeup Tips
I am very particular when it comes to brides. So, I work on their skin first to make it look healthier and beautiful. I give my brides a customized diet chart, four to six months prior their wedding day. I have done a dietician course too. Ialso suggest them some home remedies after determining their skin type and skin problems.It is very important that your skin should always feel and look beautiful. Makeup artists can hide all the deformities in your skin but they cannot make your skin healthy. So focus on your skin and keep it healthy!
Contact: 9953607966
Insta handle: sushmita_singh_makeups
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Here are two rising stars who stood by Sushmita Singh in her nascent days and have a bright career ahead in modeling-

Model, blogger and an anchor, Preity is a Miss Amritsar pageant winner and finalist of Miss Punjab and Face of India. She has walked the ramp for renowned Bollywood designers like Rohit Verma and more.

Saransh is a model and fashion blogger. A finalist of Mr.Haryana pageant and second runner-up in Musclemania Model India- Model category, Saransh has marked his presence in the modeling world.
Instagram- @saranshghai

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