Harbhajan Kaur- Age is no barrier

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Harbhajan Kaur, 94, commenced her business just four years ago! A much talked about women now, Kaur is a classic example of how age is no barrier to fulfill one’s dreams. Specializing in making besan barfi and various kinds of pickles, this Chandigarh based startup has a lot of love and hard work of this young lady!

While most often parents inspire and educate children, in this case it was her daughter who encouraged Kaur to start the brand called ‘Harbhajan’s’. Kaur makes desi ghee besan ki barfi at home and her daughter- Raveena Suri sells them at the popular markets in Chandigarh. The story goes back to the time when her mother once told Raveena that she has never earned a single penny in her life and that was her biggest regret. That’s it! The words struck the daughter hard. She then suggested her mother to make besan ki barfi and venture into business! The rest is history- the besan barfi lovers will agree!

What brought her to the limelight- Tweet by Anand Mahindra
The story of Harbhajan Kaur became viral when Anand Mahindra, Chairman of The Mahindra Group took to Twitter and called her “entrepreneur of the year”. Anand Mahindra wrote, “When you hear the word ‘start-up’ it brings to mind images of millennials in Silicon Valley or Bengaluru trying to build billion dollar ‘unicorns.’ From now on let’s also include a 94-yr-old woman who doesn’t think it’s too late to do a start-up.” The heartwarming tweet, like several of Anand Mahindra’s tweets, was winning over the Twitterati. As of January 8, the tweet had over 10.7K likes and over 2,000 retweets.

Reach her- Four Folks in Sector 35 or Dastaan in Sector 7. You can also call +91-9888419943 to place your order.

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