Detox Water

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The zeal to get fitter and healthier has brought people to the refuge of household remedies of cleansing. Detox water (an age old tradition in our Indian kitchens) is the newest fad!

Heard about Detox water? It’s the latest among health freaks! It flushes out toxins from the body, boosts metabolism and improves skin and overall health. Infusing water with herbs accelerates the process and advantages. More interestingly, you can customize it according to your preference. It keeps your body well-nourished and improves your water intake with compliance to its taste and also maintains the hydration of the body. Detox water purifies the blood, has a lot of anti-inflammatory benefits, provides digestive aid and replenishes body with rich antioxidants. We list some of the most sought after detox water recipes that have inspired many.

Different Ways to Prepare
– You can prepare detox juice with Cucumber and Kiwi juice. A perfect blend of fruits. It keeps your body hydrated.
– Prepare a tangy lemon flavored cooler coupled with mint leaves.
– You can also blend turmeric, ginger and black pepper with honey. It cleanses your body and act as an antioxidant.
– Chia seeds are also considered as beneficial ingredient in detox water.
– Mix water with strawberries and lemon wedges. You can also add a handful of fresh basil leaves. Strawberries are higher in antioxidants, vitamin C and potassium.
– Add cubed pineapple, mango and few lemon slices in water. Mango improves digestion.
– Jeera water, cinnamon water with black pepper, ajwain water are all detox waters but must be consumed in balanced quantities.
– Slices of Lemon and cucumber in water left overnight turns the water alkaline and is excellent detox water. Drink it empty stomach in the morning and do not consume anything for an hour.

Health Benefits

  • Detox water contains very few calories
  • It is recommended in weight loss plans
  • Toxin removal or detox
  • It increases energy levels
  • Boosts immune function
  • Improves digestive health and maintain the pH of the body

Reduces Inflammation
Detox water reduces inflammation too. It can reduce the free radicals in your body that causes inflammation which later leads to some chronic diseases.

Digestive Health
Detox water helps in digestive health of the body. It maintains the regular bowel movements and prevents you from being constipated.

Helps in Weight Loss
Detox water helps you in weight loss. It burns calories and raise your metabolic rate. It is also linked to reduce hunger, as you drink water, you tend to eat less.

Boosts Immune Function
Detox water boosts immune function. Vitamin C as lemon in infused water benefits your immune system when consumed on a regular basis.

Detox water cleanses your body of the toxins and thus minimizes the signs of ageing. Pollutants lead to wrinkles and dryness. Detox water is rich in Vitamin C and fruits which rejuvenate your skin and makes it look glowing and healthy.

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