Give Your Heart A New Hope!

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One of the most important organs in your body is your heart but the real question is- are you doing enough to keep it in good shape? Here in this column, the pertinent question is answered.

Dr. Yash Paul Sharma, Prof. and the Head of Cardiology Department at PGIMER, Chandigarh, has a long list of highly cited and credible research to his merit and here is the latest from his work!

New Technique Of Angioplasty
A new technique of Angioplasty through which a chronically 100 percent blocked artery can be successfully treated with the help of a chip-injection using a micro-catheter in just 30 minutes! This new technique is labelled as ‘Y-P PGI antegrade technique for chronic total occlusion’. The treatment is done with wires and micro-catheter, small balloons, sometimes balloons and micro-catheter together, and is a safe technique. In contrast to radiations which are time-consuming and normally take four to six hours for treating one patient. “Japanese doctors are known as the leader for chronic total occlusion and advance techniques, we were the one to introduce them with this new treatment”, Dr Yash Paul explains. Safety and better results is what this method gives us. New techniques are mostly expensive but this technique is quite affordable for all. The technique has already been implemented on two patients and it was successful. The technique is still being used for the patients who need it.

Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation (TAVI)
PGI Cardiology Department was the first in this region to introduce TAVI. In this treatment, the valve is replaced in patients without surgery. It is specially used for the patients who are refused by surgeons because of complications and age factors. Also, many patients are not a candidate for surgery due to high risk of mortality. In such patients TAVI is the treatment of choice since it is carried out through blood vessels without the need for surgery.

‘Blue Baby Syndrome’ Treatment
PGIMER introduced the treatment for ‘blue baby syndrome’ to the world. Cyanosis refers to a bluish color of the skin and mucous membranes due to low blood flow in the lungs. These children have high deficiency of Iron and the blood that is pumped in the body is lower in oxygen. The doctors are aiming to make this treatment available in all the hospitals globally.

Keep Your Heart Safe in Winters
Chances of heart diseases in winter are higher. The blood pressure increases and blood vessels constrict, especially in people who are suffering from heart diseases, they become hypertensive. Due to this, there are clots all over the body and people can die.
– The cardiac patients should never go out or workout when the weather is too cold outside. They should layer the clothes to keep themselves warm.
– Walking for an hour or two is more important in winter to maintain the blood circulation of the body.
– Adequate hydration and good diet is also important. In winter calories intake should be adequate.
– Foods like honey, cheese, almonds, eggs are advisable. Fruit intake should be in the morning and lunch time.
– Instead of juice, try to take soups.

“What we have already done 10-15 years back, the world is discovering and accepting it now.” Prof. Yash Paul Sharma, Head of Department, PGIMER, Chandigarh

Mortality rate in PGIMER due to heart failure and heart diseases is 6-7% (including all the age groups and all intense complications) whereas in the world it is 9-14% (excluding age factor and complications).
Advice from the doctor: A person should never discontinue their medicines because he feels fine. He should always consult the concerned doctor because you may catch that disease again. He adds, “A healthy and happy society makes you less prone to disease.”

Dr. Yash Paul Sharma, Prof and the Head of department at PGI-MER Chandigarh, a leading government hospital of the country. He is a pioneer and front-runner in introducing new treatments to the world when it comes to cardiac diseases. His motto in life is to treat the patients in the best way possible and to make the treatment affordable for all! And that is what makes him a people-friendly doctor. Y-P PGI antegrade technique for chronic total occlusion is the latest among his innovative works.

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