Diamond Grader & Gemologist : H C Goyal

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Almost a decade ago Huke Goyal started his diamond jewellery brand and named it “Jia Diamonds”, back then he had no idea that it would become a huge success in the market!

Now in 2018, Jia Diamonds has a proud clientele list including celebrities like Sanjay Dutt, Zareen Khan , Mona Singh, Kajal Agarwal, Kapil Sharma , kainaat Arora who have made purchases here! To add to the string of achievements, Jia owners have won noted awards including “Entrepreneur of the Year” (awarded by Huma Qureshi) and “Excellence in Jewellery Award” (awarded by Chitrangada Singh) during prestigious award ceremonies.

Here is a conversation with the Jia Diamond owner Huke Goyal…

You studied diamond grading n gemology , how important was it to get academic and professional training?

I have done one course in diamond grading from Surat and another from Gemological Institute of America. I am trained in Gemology as well. It was was an immense learning and is extremely useful.

What inspired you to start Jia Diamonds?

I always wanted to deal with the most expensive thing in the world and what was better than solitaires and diamonds. We have a 100 % buyback policy and that’s what makes Jia diamonds different from other diamond brands.

Which designs are currently trending in the Indian market?

If we talk about gold jewellery, then ethnic designs are really popular among diamond lovers. Also, rose gold with fancy shape diamonds is trending in the fashion jewellery market.

Has GST affected business of diamonds in any way?

When GST was introduced we thought it will adversely affect our business, but to our surprise it has boosted our sales. Thanks to our Prime Minister Narendra Modiji, we are doing better than before.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

When I started my jewellery business 10 years ago in Chandigarh, nobody knew me but now the whole region does. In the next 10 years I want to be recognized by the whole world by selling high quality and excellent diamonds. I want to open my business outlets in every country.

What does success mean to you?

Success according to me is when your family is happy with you; you are giving time to your business as well. When people start recognizing you; a combination of all this is success I think.

What advice would you give to the budding entrepreneurs in thediamond jewelry business?

Firstly, there is a lot of competition in the market, work with low margin and sell best quality diamonds. There is no need to become too greedy that expect to earn immediately with huge margins.

Enlighten us about your collection ‘Swarna’.

With Swarna we are bringing to our customers ethnic jewelry and sprankle stones Jewelry , which are trending right now.

What do you like to do in your free time?

I like to go on long drive with family n friends , playing Golf and do swimming in my free time.

If you were not a businessmen then what career you would have chosen?

If not a businessmen then I would have become a doctor. Through that I would have been helping and serving people in need.

How much importance does customer satisfaction hold for you?

Customer satisfaction is extremely significant to us! In fact it’s most important. We give 100 % buy back policy .Usually other sellers do not buy their jewelry back or exchange before 12 noon, but at our outlet there is no such system.
People can return their jewelry whenever they want to and there is no time fixed. We also provide home delivery service.

Is your 100% money back policy a success?

There is no other diamond jeweler who gives 100% money back for diamonds and we are proud to be the only one. And we have benefited from this policy for sure. When I started my business my friends, who are also jewelers, used to scare me that this policy will never work out. But somehow I turned this negative point into a positive for myself. People think twice before buying diamond jewelry, that would the shoo buy back the diamonds or gold. We totally finished such doubts from our customers mind.

How do you keep yourself updated with new trends in jewelry?

I have links with lot of manufacturers and designers, and we regularly consult them for new designs in the market.

Who is your biggest competitor?

Personally, I do not think I have any competitor because of our unique policy. Our designs are unique from other jewelers . we have own manufacturing so we give low making charges than other jewelers so this makes my brand different from others.

Tell us about JIA promotional activities.

We do Celebrities visit at our store in Chandigarh to launch new collections . we also do Magazine advertisements / social media promotions / fashion show / Jewelry exhibitions . We launched our calendar last year by Bollywood actress kainaat arora. we also do social activities.

What about your wholesale venture?

I started my jewelry business with wholesale only. We supply gold and diamonds jewelry to big shots of India.

Tell us about your future plans?

My aim is to expand my brand, for that I shall soon open a franchise.




Contact Imformation:-

-Jia diamonds SCO 155 ff sector 37c Chandigarh .

–  www.jiadiamonds.com

Contact number:- 9216206042 . Toll free 18001371042





Photograph Credits:- https://jiadiamonds.com

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