Tech Power To Women’s Freedom

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From driving down a deserted road to attending a party, club-hopping, hitting the disco with an all-girl gang to sitting by the beach at odd hours to spend some ‘me’-time, women are now following their heart irrespective of time, space and work constraints. However, this liberty is not without its share of risks and this is where technology comes into play. Here are some apps that will ensure that you feel perfectly secure on the go and all you need is your trusted smartphone.


                          Nirbhaya: The One-Touch Fearless App

The Nirbhaya app lets its users send an alert message or call whenever there is an emergency with a single touch. The message is sent to the user’s pre-selected contacts. When the app is activated, it sends GPS location to pre-selected contacts. There are two more features — geo fence and shake to alert — which keep your friends informed of your location and power button to send out emergency signals.


 Secure Her App

If you are living alone, far from your friends and family, this app is perfect for you. The ‘Secure Her App’ sends out emergency signals to your loved ones. Double tap on the app’s icon and help will be on its way. This happens after the call centre receives an emergency signal. This app is available only in India.


                       Vith U App

Press the power button twice and it will instantly send an SOS alert to the user’s contacts. The alert messages with an update of the user’s location are sent every two minutes to the user’s listed contact



                    Watch Over Me App


The app informs you as soon as you enter a high-crime rate area. It lets your contacts follow your journey and if there is an emergency and you don’t check in to your intended destination, it sends an emergency alert to your contacts. You can also shake your phone to send an emergency alert. With the activation of alert, the camera automatically turns on and starts recording.




     Women Safety Shield App


This app comes with a lot of functions. The ‘walk with me’ function let’s your contacts track your whereabouts. It also provides a list of nearby police stations and hospitals. In case of an emergency, you can quickly send pictures and information of your location to your pre-listed contacts.



The best part of the app is that it works even when you don’t have an active internet connection. The users are only required to shake their phones or press the power button four times. SOS text is sent to the pre-listed contacts.

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