Add whimsical appeal to your garden!

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Nature needs no filter but a little touch can do wonders. You can find a score of fancy things in the market and DIY ideas to make your garden the ultimate outdoor lounging space. Also a little fun twist in your garden can liven things up and can add charm and grace to your garden.

Customise your pots

If your pots are same old from quite a long time, paint them in beautiful colours. Paint all the old cans, cups and boxes that you are using in your garden. You can make a pallet pot display as well to showcase. If not paint, elevate your brown pots with ropes and make them more interesting.

Twinkle Lights on Plants

Wrap your plants with twinkle lights which will make your garden look mesmerising. Wrap the lights on big plants and do not cover all the plants with lights. Make a shed for dinner and have a great time with your loved ones.

Lanterns on garden paths

Light up your garden path with lanterns. Cemented paths are too mainstream. You can use wooden ones to add a fresh, modern feel to your garden. This will create an elegant touch†and it will be turn into the best hangout spot in your house.

Hang a hammock

You have seen hammocks usually on beaches. But you can make the same setup in your garden too. It will look beautiful. Hang a hammock between two trees and place your favourite set of pillows on it. What is more soothing than a hammock under a starry sky. This setup is guaranteed to be your favourite spot to relax.

Craft a planter

This is a ‘Do It Yourself’ technique. All you have to do is take an old tire and turn it into a colourful planter. Paint the tire and then hang it on the tree with a chain and a hook. Plant some flowers in it. It will add an additional charm to your garden.

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