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If you want to fly hassle free, master these tricks at the airport for smooth flying…

If you are going on a holiday it would be great, if you book a flight on an off peak hour. It can save a lot of time. If you book a flight on an off peak hour, you can travel sleeping. In this case, when you will reach at your destination, you will be fully active and fresh and can start your holiday. You will get time for sightseeing which you would rather do sleeping. It can avoid long lines and crowd on the airport also. You can travel more hassle free.

If you don’t want to pay for high priced bottled water at the airport, carry an empty bottle with you. You can fill it from the filters at the airport. Obviously you don’t want to spend money on unnecessary items and that too for an over price at the airport.

You don’t want to be standing in long queue for checking at the airport. Thus this small trick can help you save your time. Pick the left line at the airport security. This is a smart trick to avoid standing in long queue for long. Most people are right handed and thus pick right lines.

If you have booked an online ticket. Download the documents. You can end up with bad wifi connection at the airport. Take necessary screenshots of documents, online boarding pass. This can save your time. If you end up with bad wifi connection at the airport it can create an unnecessary hassle. So be ready before stepping in at the airport.

Try to book the first seats. If anybody else need it, there are chances you may get shifted to business class. You can also ask the staff for an upgrade. You may get upgraded to business class with no extra cost, if you are lucky. There is no harm in asking you know when you can get a business class seat without any charge for it.

Don’t wear shoes with laces and buckles. Step into comfortable slip ons. You are required to remove them at checkpoints for security purpose. This way you can save time. Also, check for belts, watches and jewellery or anything in your wardrobe to pass smoothly from metal detectors.

Travel essentials

Travel with a monogrammed Away suitcase that has a USB port. It helps you get arrived at your destination fully charged. INR 21, 900 ;

You definitely need your headphones while travelling. Wireless headphones are a handbag game changer as they don’t clutter. INR 14, 219 ;

Flight 001 four in one worldwide travel plug adapter is a must have to charge your devices wherever you are. It is like having one adapter to charge your devices.
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There are a lot of pillows for neck and back available in the market for travelling. Don’t reach at your destination with a stiff neck.
INR 199 ;

This kemier collapsible silicone water bottle is leak proof and you can fold it up to head through security and refill it at a water fountain once you get inside.
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