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Friendships are truly special! While all other relationships are god-sent, this is the only relationship we choose with our own will. There are times when friends turn nasty, relationships turn sour. Friendship breakups are awful but one has to deal with it rather gracefully and emerge stronger. Here we tell how…

Firstly, you need some time to sort things over in your head. This can be best done alone. Yes, take some time off and go off on a holiday for a few days. Take a break from your routine and think about it. This way you can recover better and peacefully think about it. You need some space from your friends and family, to keep away the somber thoughts that dawn upon you. During this off-time, you can decide what you really want; you want to patch up or move ahead. Friendships breakups are painful. You tend to get hurt as you don’t believe in casual and hunk dory relationships. You believe in giving your best in a relationship, whether it’s a love relationship or a friendship relationship.

It is the best therapy in any relationship breakup. Confide in your closed ones. It gives you strength and support to fight this difficult time. There is no point in closing your emotions. You can’t deal with this situation by cutting yourself from the world. Talk to them. Share your feelings, anger, emotions. It turns out to be the best therapy ever. Let other relationships heal you.

Forego what has happened and concentrate on the present. It is healthy to forgive and forget and move ahead in life. It is definitely, not a small deal to forgive a person who has been your friend and hurt you the most, but remember the good time you have spent together and try to see the goodness in that person. We all know, it is easy to preach this forgive and forget saga but in reality, it is difficult to practice in real life. Don’t pressurise yourself to do so. If you want to forgive them truly by your heart, then do it. But don’t forgive them for namesake or in pressure.

Every relationship makes you learn†good and bad about life. Let, this friendship breakup be a learning experience and don’t repeat the same mistake ever. You have come out stronger from this situation. It is important to make peace with yourself. Don’t blame yourself. Some relationships work out, some don’t. You just need to keep going.

Don’t try too hard. Just stabilise your health and calm yourself down. Don’t get hurt by pushing yourself over the edge. You need not to talk to that person and hurt yourself. If you don’t want to keep in touch, it’s absolutely fine. It is absolutely fine to leave some toxic relationships behind, to grow in life. You cannot hold onto something. It is okay to suffer at heart because you loved that person all by your heart once. There will be times when you will meet your ex-friend in parties, social gatherings or through common friends. So, calm yourself down and do what you feel is right. You can graciously say hello and greet or simply ignore that person.

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