5 Best Drink Guards for the Party Savvy

5 Best Drink Guards for the Party Savvy

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Although not available yet, these drink guards may save you from the constant fear of your drink being spiked.While parties are the lifeline of most teenagers, they are also the most vulnerable places for crimes such as kidnapping, sexual assault, rape, and robbery. It’s not hard for assaulters to spike your drink with rape drugs such as gamma hydroxybutyrate (GBP) ketamine and Rohypnol, thus making you their easy victim. But, maybe not in future, as soon you will be able to arm yourself with technologies that may help detect rape drugs, which are usually odourless and colourless, and make partying a safe and wonderful experience.

5 Best Drink Guards for the Party Savvy Are:


It is the only rape drug detector available as of now. It can easily be stored in a wallet or purse, and does not require direct interaction with the drink. Coasters can identify the rape drugs in a few minutes with just two light dabs of the drink.


Named ‘Undercover Colours’, this wearable nail tech can detect rape drugs by the user dipping a polished fingernail into the drink. If the drug is present, the nail polish changes its colour.


Developed by Drink savvy, these are cups or drink wares that constantly monitor the drinks for rape drugs.


Drinksavvy is also coming up with some smart straws which will turn blue in the presence of rape drugs. There are two other companies which are trying to invent straws for detecting rape drugs.


The pd.id (personal drink identifier) is a drink guard which is of the size of a USB. It is simple and reusable. It has red and green LED lights, which tell if the drink is safe or not. It can also send alerts on smartphones if the drink is spiked.

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