Famous Celebrities With Their Super Cute Pets! See Pics

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Gone are the days when being a pet meant living in the four walls of the house. Pets of famous celebrities have now become socially prominent with a social media account in their name and a huge number of followers.

Here’s A List Of All The Super Cool And Cute Celebrity Pets

Meredith Grey, Taylor Swift’s pet Cat

Taylor Swift with cat, celebrity pets

American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift’s Scottish fold cat Meredith Grey is named after Ellen Pompeo’s character in Swift’s favourite show, Grey’s Anatomy. The white feline has been with Swift since the Halloween of 2011 and brought home three of the year’s most popular Instagram posts.  Meredith goes by @meredithswift on Instagram and has close to 18.2k followers.

Finn Seyfried, Amanda Seyfried’s pet dog

Celebrity pet - Amanda Seyfried with her dog

American actress and singer-songwriter Amanda Seyfried’s seven year old rescue dog Finn is a year old addition to her life. The Australian-Shepherd mix has transformed the actress’ life for the better and she couldn’t be happier. Finn has an Instagram account under @finnsite and 45.3k followers. He recently had a personal birthday bash and the pictures confirm the happiness in the lives of the duo.

Graham the Kitten, Ed Sheeran’s cat

grahm the kitten, Ed Shareen's cat - celebrity pets

Ed Sheeran’s love for music is well known about but the English singer-songwriter made headlines when he rescued a kitten and adopted it. After naming it Graham, Sheeran went on to get the adorable cat a personal Twitter account along with lots of love and care. Graham’s account can be found on Twitter by @GrahamShizza with around 71.5k followers.

Choupette Lagerfeld, Karl Lagerfeld’s cat

karl-lagerfeld pet choupette, celebrity pets

Everyone knows that German fashion designer, artist and photographer Karl Lagerfeld is all rage throughout, and for the uninitiated, his uber-bourgeoise cat Choupette Lagerfeld shares a similar status when it comes to pets. The cat owns not only an Instagram account by the name of @choupettesdiary with 94.4k followers, but also two maids at her beck and call. Choupette is a savvy and independent business cat that makes single digit million Euros with her modeling for famous brands.

Shanti Om Bb, Miley Cyrus’s cat

Shanti Om bb Miley Cyrus's cat, celebrity pets

American singer, songwriter and actress Miley Cyrus’s white Persian kitten Shanti Om Bb is a treat to the eye and the heart. The tiny fluff-ball fetched Cyrus some backlash from the social media for ill-treatment of pets but it was later left behind. Shanti has an Instagram account by @shantiombb and around 121k followers.

Prince Hilton, Paris Hilton’s dog

paris-hilton-with-her-dog-prince-hilton-out-for-lunch - celebrity pets

Paris Hilton is a woman who needs no introduction and neither does her love for the colour pink as well as dogs. Hilton’s Teacup Pomeranian named Prince Hilton made news for being the world’s tiniest Pomeranian. The white fuzz ball has an Instagram account under @prince_hilton_the and only 299 followers. From the few posts on his profile, we can make out the perks of being a fashionista’s pet.

Most of these pets have more followers on their accounts than normal people. This just brings forth the amount of popularity of the celebrities that they are linked to.

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