The Lines in Vogue

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When it comes to everlasting style, stripes are always in fashion. Be it the conventional horizontal or vertical lines or irregular linear patterns, stripes can be celebrated in every way you can possibly imagine. Ashmita Bansal brings to you a list of dos and don’ts to rock your stripes the right way.

As trendy and versatile as they are, stripes can be a tricky business. It is essential to know your body type and the patterns you own to adorn stripes in the best way possible.

lines in vogue


  • If you have an apple-shaped figure, vertical stripes are a great idea. Pair up a striped skirt with a solid coloured top or go for a pair of classy plain trousers with a vertical striped button down.
  • Add a jacket or a scarf to your stripes to flatter your curves and give a more structured look.
  • For a perfect hourglass figure, choose stripes that draw attention to your curves. Wear stripes where patterns go in the same direction. Mix and match stripes to accentuate your curves or go matchy-matchy with a little show of skin around the waist.
  • For petite figures, narrow stripes are a saviour. A classic striped t-shirt with a pair jeans or a striped dress can help you show off your lovely stripes.
  • Wear stripes on the upper body if you have a pear-shaped figure. Wide stripes on the topmost area will make the shoulders look broader. A vertical striped trouser or skirt can make your body look more proportionate.

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  • If you are skinny, avoid putting horizontal stripes on larger parts of your body as it’ll make them appear wider and shorter. More contrast in the stripes can enhance the widening effect.
  • For heavy bottoms or curvy hips, tight horizontal stripes are a recipe for disaster.
  • Do not wear wide stripes on a heavy bust, as it will make it appear bigger.
  • Clashes of stripes with prints are a no-no for petite figures. Pattern with pattern will not elongate your structure and will cut your body into two parts.
  • For bulky midsection, avoid a light coloured belt with your horizontal stripes across your waist. It will make your waist look wider.


So ladies, follow these rules in fashion for your favourite stripes and give away your fears of wearing them. The right colour, width, direction and combination will help you flaunt your stripes in style.


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