Capture The Romance With Pre Wedding Photoshoots

Capture The Romance With Pre Wedding Photoshoots

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An interesting way to commemorate the romance is pre wedding photoshoots! These shoots are now a must on the wedding check-list. Surbhi Sehgal gives a help-guide for four P’s- the photographer, the place, the props and the pose to get awesome fairy tale pre wedding photoshoots.

Couples who are about to tie the knot this wedding season are busy planning their dream wedding. And, one thing that is must on check list is “Pre wedding photoshoots”. The pre wedding photography is trending and why not? In the era where good photos determine your social image, one must have to keep up with that. But it is not merely for the sake of furnishing certain social-objective but also to make memories that one can happily look back later in life! Here is a sneak peek into everything you need to take care of, to have a perfect and candid photo shoot before the wedding….

Choosing the Right Photographer For Pre Wedding Photoshoots

First things first! You need to book a photographer who can showcase your personality aptly. Pre-wedding photo-shoot is also a way to interact with your photographer before the wedding kicks-in so that you know the strengths and weaknesses of each other. Browse through a photographer’s work first of all and see if you can imagine yourself in those photographs, onlyhen you can move on to approach the photographer. “Understanding the couple and their relationship brings out the true essence of their love. I feel and I have seen the real romance and chemistry is captured only when the couple is relaxed and happy. Sharing of ideas and concepts openly from both the photography team and the couple and the faith in the each other works wonders”, says Abhit Jhanji with an experience of over 100+ pre-wedding photoshoots.

pre wedding photoshoot

Here are few quick pointers you need to take care of before deciding a photographer:

  • Availability of photographer on the particular dates
  • The booking fee & paperwork needed to confirm the date
  • Other logistics involved and arrangements that you might have to make for him/her

Once all these formalities are taken care of, you can proceed on to discuss the details and plans to style the photo-shoot. Share the ideas that you have in your mind, be upfront about your comfort zone and most of all, trust your photographer’s advices and instincts.

Pre Wedding Photoshoots – Choosing the Right Place

After you have met your photographer, you need to discuss the place where you want to go for the photo-shoot. “The main thing is location, then comes everything else. The location needs to be chosen wisely. it should not be selected randomly but according to your personality and taste”, declares Vipul Sharma, one of the most sough-after photographer in North India.

If you are the dramatic couple, Nalagarh fort is your place to be! If you are the partner-focused couple, Silence Garden can be your photoshoot love-nest. Here are the places around the tricity you can look to get clicked…

Silence Garden , Nalagarh , Moga, Doraha Fort

Once you decide with the place, discuss the best timing to shoot at the location with your photographer. Finally, make sure you get the required permissions at the venue.

Pre Wedding Photoshoots: Choosing the Right Props

Now is the time to go shopping for the props! Props are not just the extras. They are meant to narrate the story of a couple. They should be defining and meaningful. You can stumble through online ideas and ask your photographer for suggestions and feedbacks. You have a variety of props to choose from which can pep up your stylish pictures. While choosing props, think of your journey with your partner and then carefully weave out a pattern or a story with the insight of your photographer.

Sandeep Sehdev, the creative mind behind thousands of pictures speaks about the significance of the details that play a vital role during the photoshoot. “From the location to suitable makeup to the props, everything is essential while creating perfect photographs. One needs to pay attention to little details”, Sehdev speaks about the creative process of photoshoot.

Here is a list of few props that are hot and trending…

  • Bubbles
  • Confetti
  • Balloons
  • Frames
  • Scrabbled Letters
  • Milestone
  • Dupattas
  • Vintage Cycle
  • Umbrella
  • Flowers
  • Rings

Striking the Right Pose For Pre Wedding Photoshoots

Finally, it is the time to let go and have fun. Be confident and equally crazy. Be confident with your body and stop worrying about getting the right picture. Laugh, be playful, hold each other close and try out your prankful side. Harnav Bir Singh, the celebrated photographer suggests that the authentic expressions are never forced. “I never force couple to be someone else. I simply ask them to relax, have fun and have a good time. Pre-wedding photography is 90 percent therapy and 10 percent photography. You need to talk and counsel your clients so that you can encapuslate their real story through the perfect clicks”, he adds.

Let your photographer capture your fun side. Your traditional side is going to be captured during the wedding itself. Pre-wedding photoshoot is an excuse to put some magic-dust on yourself and weave a mushy romantic portrait session.

DOs of Pre Wedding Photoshoots

  • Wear something that moves with the wind.
  • Be casual and stylish.
  • Wear sunscreen.
  • Solid colors work great.
  • Smile and have fun with your partner.
  • Trust your photographer.

DON’Ts of Pre Wedding Photoshoots

  • Don’t wear too many outfits that you have to change.
  • Don’t focus on posing, just be yourself.
  • Don’t carry your phones in pockets.
  • Don’t fret too much about getting the right picture.

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