Depressive Signs Among Youth & Ways to Handle it

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The ‘Know It All’ Generation, Knows Nothing At All!

Fitness of the body, mind and emotions are all indispensable. With the Indian Prime Minister Sh. Narender Modi launching the Fit India Movement on Sports Day, fitness once again has emerged as a significant agenda on his mind for his people. TLJ presents a column dedicated to emotional health of youngsters. Sports and physical fitness can be an excellent solution to the depressive tendencies of youth cites leading homeopath of the region Dr. Vivek Mohan in this column.

Are you feeling bad or a little unwell today? If yes, then chances are that you may feel the same whole day. Studies have observed that your attitude and behaviour towards everything around eventually changes you!

In the contemporary times, expectations are high and contribution (towards others and society) is less. For instance, if somebody is driving on the road, you think, he must drive properly and not over-speed, but the next moment you probably repeat the same mistakes! And if somebody reminds you the same, the only thing you do is justify your own actions. We hardly have the courtesy to listen to others person’s reasons. What is wrong may still be wrong, but the underlying point is that attitude plays a very important role!

People do get sick if they think about it constantly. Also, if you have certain attitude and behavioural problems, you will suffer from more diseases than a normal person. Having said this, we must remember that every human is different, if 10% people suffer from anger that does not mean that they will suffer from diseases that are caused by anger. There are some people who realise that they have behaviour and attitude problems but then there are people who are reluctant to accept it.Let us see how these attitude and behaviour problems are developed in youngsters.

The Blame Game is On- Intolerance in Youngsters

The attitude problem begins with intolerance and there are many reasons why youngsters are intolerant. Everything has a preparation period, like giving birth to a new life takes nine months, but the important things like education have become shorter- three-month courses, six-month courses, etc. Why are you eligible for a driving license at 18? It is because by the time you are 18, you have already learnt so many things and it all comes with time. People have realised the value of time, money, life and courtesy, which cannot be learnt by short courses!

Since children are born with hi-tech gadgets and luxury cars around, the relevance of money and how it is earned is not valued by children. The younger generation gets this feeling that they can ‘get whatever they want’. This creates impatience that turns into ‘intolerance’.

In earlier days, one used to write letters which were collected by a postman and sent for delivery. This process used to take time. But people were patient back then. Now, video calling, email and other social media platforms have got introduced and people do not want to wait even for a second to get response from anyone, anywhere. Impatience has therefore increased among particularly youth because the wait time is substantially reduced.

Earlier people used to walk from one place to other and much later transportation systems arrived and became a necessity. But even then certain rules did not change; but now those rules are changing! Parents expect their children to be tolerant but it does not happen since they have spoiled them by providing everything children wish for. If you are buying expensive chocolates for your children, his/her demand for other expensive things will never end! So, sometimes parents start that revolution which does not end till they realise what they have done wrong.

Peer Pressure

The lower class or middle class youngsters fall into the trap due to comparisons (among peers). The attitude and behaviour problems have drawn a line between rich and the poor. The people who cannot afford things are dying every day and committing suicides because they cannot have that luxurious life! Children blame their parents for not being rich and incapable of fulfilling their demands. Eventually they fell into depression.

The Solution

The real problem is ‘attitude’ problem of youngsters. But there is a lot one can do to improve the situation! Sports is something thing that can be included in our routine to improvise our behavioural problems. A sport teaches us success, failure, patience and tolerance! One must focus on youngsters in their family joining any sport to help them balance their energy, stay unanimous in all situations and set the attitude right.
More human interaction can help people to lower down their anger and be more expressive. Social media has made us all introverts. Start talking to people instead of chatting with them. If you go on a vacation and post everything online, what will you have to share when you come back? You lose track of time trying to keep your followers on social media updated.

Forgive people instead of hurting them back. This is the best thing you can do and it requires less effort than plotting something against them. Also, using technology as a help and not your boss is what everyone needs to do.

You should understand that things take time to process. So, be patient and wait for it! Read books instead of reading on kindle. Write on a notebook instead of writing down on your laptops and mobile phones.

For parents; they should stop fulfilling all their children’s desires. That way, they will never realise the value of money. Parents should stop spoiling their children and make them realise the actual worth of things. After all, a warm hug is much more valuable than a car!

Dr. Vivek Mohan is a leading homeopath who practices at #1561,
Sector 18 B Chandigarh.
Reach him at 0172- 2541622

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