Luxury at its best Opulence Mansion

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In search of timeless luxury, Opulence Mansion explores the domain of art from various media. The interiors of the house are intended to make something chic and vibrant. It explores newer scale of objects, non-standard way of application in search of timeless luxury. Each room is personalised to the respective user. One room consists of almost floating bed; back wall consists of names of the person’s favorite soccer stars and celebrities.

Another bedroom reinterprets the fascination of a princess bedroom in a modern way. The incorporation of art has been done carefully to synchronize seamlessly with the interiors of the space and art installation is used as a shear curtain. The house contains 18 inch long hand blown glass chandelier and silver oiled bark of tree to the rope.

Project Name
Opulence Mansion

Built 2017

Mr. Manish Gupta

Photographer Credits
Ar. Purnesh Dev Nikhanj

Design Team
Studio Ardete

Principal Architect
Ar. Badrinath Kaleru
Ar.Prerna Kaleru

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