Introducing The ‘Cladding Culture’ With FlexStone

Introducing The ‘Cladding Culture’ With FlexStone

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Pioneers to introduce stone cladding culture in North India- FlexStone

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‘FlexStone’ impresses with a striking new scope of the interior as well as exterior alternatives. An ideal approach to making highlight dividers and clad outer structures with contemporary stone styling, the manufactured design improving claddings are perfect for wall interior and exterior utilization!

With a rapid upsurge in the market to create classy, immortal homes that are additionally manageable for busy people, the search has finally come to an end! FlexStone, a decorative concrete system with a unique technology developed in India by a team of young entrepreneurs is the first of its kind in North India! In the market for last six years now and with over 31 galleries across India, FlexStone has understood the need of architects and progression of the construction industry. Inspired by nature’s splendid beauty, FlexStone offers a wide range of modern and classical cladding culture options.

Extensive Research & Development

Introducing The ‘Cladding Culture’ With FlexStone

Sudesh Chaudhary, in partnership with Rajbir Singh Arora at the FlexStone gallery in Chandigarh, said, “What we have displayed in the gallery is a result of continuous innovation through extensive research and product development. Our main aim is to provide the people of the tri-city and other parts of North India, a green and an eco- friendly product as its formation causes minimum disturbance to Mother Nature (which happens during natural stone-mining).”

Varied Options to Choose From

flexstone chandigarh

FlexStone provides numerous materials and outline choices for a client’s consideration. ‘Cluster stone’ emerges as an ideal decision and it additionally upgrades the supportability of your home. Clients can choose from a wide range of 70 plus stone designs along with variety of brick designs as well. Cluster stone is sufficiently flexible to accomplish the tasteful execution and meet cost objectives, for both the exterior and interior décor of your home. Names of the stones have been inspired from Mother Nature like Castle Rock, Royal Egyptian, Italian Limestone, Tree Bark, sleeper wood, Ledgestone, Basalt, Madrid, Travertine, Red Brick, Father Castle and so on.

The products offered by FlexStone, unlike natural stones, are lightweight, easy to install, non-porous and free from algae and fungus. 80% of the raw materials used are from recycled products, hence making the product eco-friendly while contributing to preserving the nature.


The ‘simulated stone’ cladding is produced using recovered and reused sources, including extended glass isolates, squander containers and extra glass materials.

Due to the reused idea of the item, every cladding is particular and unique, and components vary in tone and shading.  ‘Cluster stone’ is a unique stone introduced by the company consisting of a selection of ‘engineered stones’ which are combined to create a complete cluster. Cluster stone is finished totally as natural stone in its final appearance, without the anomalies of stone.

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Silent Features of the ‘Cluster Stone’

  • Light Weight
  • Sustainable Product
  • Weather Proof
  • No Discoloration
  • Algae Moss-Proof
  • Breathable Non-Porous
  • Maintenance Free
  • No VOC, Zero Smoke Emission
  • Fire Rated, Partially Insulated
  • At 35°C Ambient Temperature, the Stone Will Have A Difference Of 5°C
  • Melting Point is at 1100°C

FlexStone can be contacted at:-

Chandigarh Flex Stone :8826706887 Ludhiana- 7850000008

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