Why Teak Wood Is The Perfect Resource For Furniture

Why Teak Wood Is The Perfect Resource Wood For Furniture

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Teak wood is obtained from Tectona Grandis (more popularly called Teak), which is a tropical hardwood tree species and is large in built, and is most common to mixed deciduous (never shed leaves) hardwood forests.

The word ‘teak’ comes from Tamil, Malayalam via Portuguese word ‘Teca’. There are therefore two centers of genetic origin of teak; one in India and the other in Myanmar, Laos (which accounts for nearly half of the world’s teak supply ). ‘C.P. Teak’ (Central province/plateau teak ) is a description of teak from the central states of India, while ‘Nagpur Teak’ is another regional Indian teak.

Teak Wood In Future

1. The Royal Qualities

Teak wood is easily recognizable among other wood types due to its royal brownish red colour, which darkens naturally as it ages. This property makes teak a sound choice for complementing adjacent to the most sophisticated of interiors. Sometimes there are magnificent dark patches on teak, with a strange aroma in the newly cut wood! In the bark, the heartwood (used in construction / the useful part) can easily be separated from the sapwood (which is whitish to ale yellowish in colour ).

The qualities do not end here- teak wood is so hard that even in raw form it is termite and weather resistant to a great extent and white-ant and insect proof. This property is by the sap-oil teak wood generates, which is so effective that teak wood could be used (in interior décor’) even without polishing, (for a long time duration ), leaving those tight grains exposed to weather to a silvery-gray finish over time, especially when exposed to sunlight.

Due to such a vivid array of qualities and its beauty, teak wood is used in the manufacturing of outdoor furniture and even in ship and yacht decks. It is also for indoor flooring, counter-tops and as a veneer for indoor furnishings and claddings. In India, teak is also used to make door and window-frames, furniture, and columns and beams in old fashioned houses.

2. Durability

Teakwood is the most durable, hard and easy-to-handle and water-resistant, and its natural-durability helps it retain even the most complex of shapes and carvings. Once smooth-polish is applied, teak wood gives an aesthetic-appeal and royal-look to your desired finish in furniture. It has elasticity and solid-fiber, each facilitating woodworking and enabling woodworkers to create a broad spectrum of products. In many ways, teak continues to engage the attention of highly-skilled designers in their ingenious innovations.

3. Maintenance

Teakwood maintenance is very easy. Daily-care such as cleaning cloth can make your teak-furniture have a long life. Re-polishing is recommended after a few years to bring back teak’s shine and rich-royal-appearance.

4. Highly Recommended

The fact is that teak wood is so authentic, that even its most extensive usage doesn’t let your interior-spaces seem overdone. Hence, in our view, teak comes highly recommended. The natural luster of teak wood products improves the ambiance of interior spaces in ways that make the space to appear both fashionable and classy. The popularity of teak wood products has outlived generations and styling tastes to find new expression in the latest pieces of furniture in interior-spaces.


  • Whenever you like some furniture, make sure that they are enjoyable to look at, and that they add to the overall theme/ambience that you are trying to create. This is a long-term investment and teak wood is durable enough to last into the next generation, so take the time you need to find exactly the right items and build your collection the way you want. If you want to get truly creative, then mix and match your favorite items throughout the interior-space from several collections.
  • Teakwood furniture can be complimented and artfully combined with mesh, metal, inlays, and texture to keep it modern, exciting and beautiful.
  • Curves, straight-lines, distressed, stained and accessorized are various techniques used to make every teak wood furniture piece / set unique and attractive to a wide range of interiors. In fact, teak wood furniture never ages, and that its style keeps repeating over-time. Hence, one can always keep shifting the same furniture piece / set to different areas of interior-space and feel a different experience (and emotion ) every time.

(About the writer: Anshu Anand is an ace furniture designer based in North India. You can reach her at [email protected])

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