Four Ways To Keep Your Nails Stronger

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You are never completely dressed without a good set of nails. They reflect not only good hands but also our personality. However, weak nails can be damaging. But as enticing as it is to obscure your delicate and peeling nails underneath a lasting gel manicure, there is an abundance of lifestyle antidotes that can bring your nails back to their former glory.

In upcoming paragraphs we discussed Four Ways To Keep Your Nails Stronger

1) Don’t bite them

Nail-biting is one of the ordinary habits; not only it can harm our cuticles, but it can also induce infections. As it damages the skin around the nail, even a minor cut can allow bacteria. However, eating those nails leads to abdominal pain and diarrhoea. As said, “A change in bad habit leads to change in life” this habit might be tough to break. However, apply the bitter-tasting nail polish to your nails, keep your nails trimmed short, get regular manicures.

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2) Wearing Nail Polish

There is nothing wrong with wearing ablaze yet Beaming colours. But, there need to be days when you should give your nails a break. Additionally, they damage the topmost surface of our nails, which leads to white patches and might feel rough when touched. However, note that you should never use nail paint that includes formaldehyde.

3) Cover them

We often caught dirt while dishwashing, gardening, washing clothes, and house cleaning. So you should always wear gloves instead of using your natural hands. It’s not only going to protect your nails but even your hands.

4) Moisture them

There are two standard procedures for keeping your hands moisturized. One way is to apply a cream or ointment to hands, cuticles, and nail plates. Another way is to soak your nails in oil for about twenty minutes, like bath oil or olive oil. In extreme cases, you may want to merge both of these methodologies. First, soak nails in oil, wipe any excess fat off your hands, and apply a moisturizing cream.

Some Facts
Our nails grow 0.004 inches every day.
◗ Fingernails grow faster than toenails.

If you write from your left hand. Your nails are expected to grow faster on the left than on your right hand.
◗ There are five parts near fingernails and the area around them. Namely, Nail Plate, Nail Folds, Nail Bed, Lunula and Cuticles.

(By Yagrica Repswal)

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