From Miss India to Ambarsariya!

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Beautiful, vivacious and confident, the 23-year old Navneet Kaur Dhillon  is the winner of Pond’s 50th edition of Femina Miss World India 2013. In a ‘straight-from-the-heart’ conversation with Anisha Dhiman, she talks about her real life heroes, inspiration and her movie, Ambarsariya.

Who inspired you to choose modelling as a profession?
Back in 1994 when Aishwarya and Sushmita won the titles of Miss India and Miss Universe, my mother was awestruck and wanted to see me at the same place. She always used to tell me that ‘my little girl is going to be Miss India someday. Ever since, her dream became my dream! So, I think she is the source of my inspiration.

Who are your real life heroes?
My parents, undoubtedly, are my real life heroes since they always support me for everything.

You are from an army background. Does that reflect in your professional life?
Definitely, that reflects a lot in my personality. I am disciplined due to my background. Be it in terms of punctuality at sets or taking responsibility for my own actions.

What was the most challenging aspect of shooting Ambarsariya?
The shoot for Ambarsariya was a real fun. However, while shooting for the dance sequence of Pul Kanjari Da next to Wagah border in Amritsar, we had quite a challenging time because of the excessive gravel and stones.

Do you find promoting movies a challenging and tiring task?
On the contrary, the promotions are very interesting. One gets to meet so many people and interacting with them is fun. Though travelling consistently is tiring, yet the enthusiasm of a ‘live audience’ makes it enjoyable.

What are your hobbies?
I love swimming, horse-riding, photography and reading books in my free time.

You have already worked in Bollywood and Pollywood, do you intend to expand your horizons to Hollywood as well?
Definitely! If one gets good work, why not? It will be nonetheless an adventure to work with people of different languages and cultures. I work in the entertainment industry and all I wish to do is to entertain people with my talent.

How active are you on social media?
I am quite active, but I do not post every now and then.

What inspires you the most?
I did a lot of short movies and advertisements before actually realizing that I can work in this industry as well. Besides, I always had consistent support and inspiration of my teachers and parents.

What is your beauty secret?
Well to be very honest, I do not really take care of my skin a lot (laughs). I do feel I need to take extra care of it regularly since makeup is on so often.

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