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Is there a conflict between style and spirituality? Is it necessary for a spiritually inclined person to necessarily stay simply dressed and so on? Here is a candid conversation with a celebrity spiritual instructor Sangeeta Jani from Mumbai.

Can a spiritual person be stylish?
The quality of the spirit is the same. Everyone on this earth is spiritual. There is only one element which is unchanging and that is the spirit. So everything we wear is only a wrapping paper. It is like wrapping a diamond. Regardless of the wrapping paper, we are the eternal soul. Everyone is speaking of the ultimate joy. Be it in terms of money, relationships, power or fame. One ultimately finds lasting and unshakable joy in the self.
Is it right for a spiritual person to indulge in fashion? Does affinity for good jewellery, clothes, shoes, etc a hindrance on the spiritual path?
Enjoying everything that life offers is alright but being feverish about it brings misery. It is not the object which takes one away from spirituality but the hankering or feverishness to acquire it. Trying to seek joy out of it would be a mistake.
How tough is it for people in the media, entertainment and glamour industry to cope up with pressures of the job?
I know many people in the fashion and movie industry who religiously follow their practices. It is an inevitable truth that environment, food and company does have a significant impact on our state of mind. If you feel you are surrounded by such company then do some breathing techniques and meditation. That will help you stay centered. The power of some techniques is more than effect of external influences on mind.
Do people tend to loose personal sense of ethics in fashion and film industry?
One must be true to oneself. In business there is always some amount of adjustment. Certain adjustments become inevitable. But that adjustment is like salt in the food (not the food itself!) and that must not touch the inside of the person. Stick to your values as much as you can.
What is your opinion about wearing expensive brands?
Personally, I wear what I am comfortable in. I do not think wearing any brand gives me any value. By wearing that brand, we are giving value to it.
What is the definition of true beauty for you?
True beauty according to me is one which radiates from within. When one is experiencing peace, contentment and joy, then one radiates beauty. True inner beauty is a result of being established in a state of being. When one is centered and feels complete in oneself, that contentment is radiated.
How important is appreciation?
When one is dependent on approval of others for praises, it brings weakness and weakness is not attractive. For instance, the description of Krishna was short, skinny and dark which by no measure of conventional beauty is attractive. But the numerous tales of Gopis being attracted to Krishna speak volumes of how inner beauty and confidence radiates.
What is your take on cosmetics?
Skin is the biggest organ and whatever is applied gets absorbed. It is said that whatever one cannot consume, must not be applied on skin.
Does wearing white have a real connection to spirituality?
White has all colours! That is all!

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