Gurleen Chopra- In a different ‘Avtar’

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Her stint in the Punjabi movie Hashar opposite Babbu Mann was much liked and ever since she has been doing a mélange of roles in Telugu, Tamil, Kannada and even Bhojpuri films! Meet the vibrant- Gurleen Chopra who was in the limelight for her role as ‘Sita’ this year in the much sort after and the biggest RamLeela in the world staged at New Delhi. In one of the exclusive talk with TLJ, she shares her journey and talks about her forthcoming Hindi movies….

You won Miss Chandigarh title when you were merely finishing off your Senior Secondary School. How had been your journey after taking off so early?
I was very young when I won it and it was indeed thrilling to get this kind of honour at such an early age. I think it really motivated me to work passionately towards my goal. My parents were reluctant at first but eventually, they became quite supportive because of my hard work and dedication towards my career.

You recently acted as Sita in Delhi’s Ramleela- said to be the biggest in the world. How was your experience?
Sharing the stage with 54 big stars was an experience in itself. This was the first time I was doing something live and it was outrightly different that shooting for the movies. There were 16-20 cameras capturing your every little moment and you have the responsibility of not making even a single error because there are not going to be retakes. You have to speak your dialogues perfectly and that too, in pure Hindi.  I had to work hard, do more rehearsals and watched many references before going for live performance. Ultimately, I have been appreciated so much for the performance not only in India but also overseas and that is what makes it all worth it.

What are the current movie projects in pipeline for you?
Currently, three of my Hindi movies are going to be released soon. Ashley, Game Over and I have recently signed a movie titled ‘Love Hackers’ with Rahul Dev. All these movies have women oriented subjects. The movie Love Hackers is based on the subject of sex trafficking and how a girl gets entrapped in sex racket and eventually emerges out of it and goes on to become an IAS officer. I am also playing a role based on Sania Mirza’s journey in one of my upcoming Telugu movies.

What is your take on marriage?
In film industry, there are workshops to be attended, roles to be rehearsed, assignments to be taken care of. I am very much passionate about my career. I do not think that one should give up dreams for anyone at all. I do wish my dream man to be supportive, one who can say “Baby, do what you want to do! I am with you in all your career endeavours.” But I think it is a big decision and you should not haste into it before you are completely sure about it. Work and status do contribute to the happiness and contentment prevailing in you. So, one should make sure that he/she has achieved a status in life before moving in it. However, I think there is pressure always when it comes to marriage but then it is up to you, how you take it!
Who is the Gurleen as an ordinary girl, the one people do not know of?
I am a very religious person. Face is definitely the aura of heart. Positive aura is reflected on your face. I love to engulf myself with good food and people with good thoughts. I am an introvert and a very family oriented person who is in for a peaceful daily schedule rather than a haywire partying one. Besides; gymming, meditation, yoga are few of my interests beyond acting.

What is one advice you will like to give to the young generation?
Be true to yourself. Concentrate and give 100% to your career. Think about what you want to achieve and get it without shifting your focus. Meditation and discipline will keep you grounded. An artist has to take care of body and face and that is not possible without proper eating and sleeping schedule. To maintain decorum is essential. If the shoot is at 9, make a point to be there at 8:45. Once you have these qualities and this kind of dedication, you are eventually going to get success sooner or later.

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