The Pulsating- Oshin Brar

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She has got over two dozen authentic Phulkari’s at home to love and flaunt! Meet this real-time fan of Phulkari art, who has inherited the wonderful dupattas as heirloom from her mother and grandmother. Oshin Brar, who is set to commence shooting for her fourth film in October this year, is a vivacious and vibrant girl in the Punjabi Film Industry. Here is a delightful chat with her…

How did your acting career begin?
I hail from a family of doctors and IAS officers. So when I first disclosed to my family the desire to be an actor, they were completely taken aback! However, it was my mother who supported me throughout and it was due to her belief in me that I went on to take a formal training from Anupam Kher’s acting institute in Mumbai. It was after that I came in contact with Diljit Dosanjh, Satinder Sartaaj while shooting for a couple of video songs. My mother has been a strong support for me through all of this. In fact she is the one with whom I discuss all projects before giving my affirmation.

Tell us about your debut movie- ‘Mukhtiar Chadha’…
It was during a shoot for video song that Diljit Dosanjh and Director Gifty offered me a role in the movie, Mukhtiar Chadha. Working with Diljit was a wonderful experience in itself. Although the release of movie was delayed due to some technical reasons but the response of audience was quite enthusiastic and positive.

So how do you describe your connection with Punjab?
Honestly, since I have my roots in Punjab, it really has a special place for me. Therefore, I always wanted to create a strong base for myself in Punjabi Film Industry before moving on in my career. Being a Punjabi my natural language skill helps me to justify the character and give a natural feel in the movies.

Not all youngsters make it to films at your age. What has made you succeed in carving out a niche for yourself in film industry?
I think it is my passion and focus that has helped me. Had I not pursued my dream, I would have been trapped in some medical college. I did what I really wanted to do. And I think it is only when you follow your heart that you are truly able to succeed in your life.

Did formal acting course help you as an actor?
Do what your heart says! If you force yourself into doing something without any passion, it would lead you nowhere but misery. Acting schools can boost your confidence but it is only on the movie set that you actually realize ‘the actor’ dwelling inside you. Acting schools can just guide, but once you begin working professionally you explore the actor in you.

What is your take on Phulkari and Bagh?
Somehow our beautiful traditional weaving forms are vanishing because of the western influence but it will be a delight to see if the phulkari industry flourishes with a positive response from the consumers.

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