From Mom Jeans to Girlfriend Jeans All you Need to Know About

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I know…I know its pretty hard for a normal gal like you and me to differentiate between a “mom jeans” and a “boyfriend jeans”. As there are hundreds of types of them for starters!

That’s why I have made a list of all the trending jeans out there available in the market, to make it easier for everybody to differentiate between all kinds of jeans and buy what best suits your body. Let’s go jeans hunting:

The Skinny Jeans

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Skinny jeans are the best for casual wear. They are skin hugging and fit you snugly. They take the shape of your leg and trace it all along. If you have long and sexy legs then this is the perfect pair of jeans for you.

The Skinny Crop Jeans 

Skinny crop jeans are very much similar to regular skinny jeans except they end before your shins. Some of them come with a fold that adds to the aesthetic.

The Jeggings

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Jeggings are basically your leggings with denim fabric. So, you can wear the same types of tops which you wear with your leggings. Most women swear by them because they are incredibly comfortable and come with a waistband instead of the standard buttons system. They are also go-to for pregnant ladies as they do not put pressure on the belly but look just as stylish.

The Low Rise Jeans

These look good on women with a well-defined waist as they start a little below your belly button. This style blends well with skinny, straight and super skinny design patterns. Distressed and low rise, straight cut and low rise, and boyfriend jeans and low rise are all good choices.

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