Beautiful Mehendi Designs for Brides

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Wedding season is here, and every bride is incomplete without mehendi. But the main concern is selecting the best mehendi designs and styles. So here are some of the best and most interesting mehendi designs that you will absolutely adore.

Paisley Design

This is one of the best and most preferred henna designs.When tiny paisleys are drawn together to create a beautiful design pattern, the result is extremely incredible and eye-catching.

Peacock Design

It is a timeless classic beauty. A peacock design with elaborate feathers can be easily integrated into other motifs and floral patterns. Moreover, the beautiful feathers of the peacock add grace to the henna design.

Elephant Mehendi Design

It is an elegant and classy mehendi designs. The curvy pattern adds an extraordinary flair to the design, keeping the feet decorated. Different and creative, it is an interesting alternative to common floral pattern designs.

The Twist

This twisted and extraordinary mehendi design is extremely eye-catching. This pattern draws attention and highlights brides mehendi and nail paint.This design can also be accompanied by a split mandala, floral pattern or any other design.

Raja and Rani

The Raja and Rani mehendi design is one of the popular and trendy mehendi designs. This royal design basically projects an artwork of Raja and Rani from the Mughal era. Detailed patterns are drawn around the faces of Raja and Rani to make the focal point of the design stand out.

Creepers and Leaves

They have a delicate flowing structure that results in beautiful and eye-catching henna art.

Floral Designs

It is a popular design among the Punjabi brides.When your hands and feet are stained with the deep orange colour, the flowers almost seem to come alive.

The Swirl

This curvy, yet classic design is done on each finger, leaving some space between the palm and fingers. As it does not fill up the whole hand, it is the best pick for brides who want a minimalistic mehendi design.

Split Mandala

This design basically consists of half of the circular pattern on one hand and the other half on the other hand. The split mandala is the focal point of the henna design.This symmetrical design is simple yet a classy one.

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