Six Mistakes Parents Make With Teens

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Parenting is a full-time job, with no room for bunks or excuses.

When your kid is growing up, you are also growing up. So, mistakes are bound to occur. Here is a list of the common mistakes parents make. Take a look at these and work on them.

Expecting the Worst

Many parents doubt the potential of their kids, but they don’t realise that negative expectations can actually promote the behavior they fear the most. Raising doubt can make your child feel wrong all the time.

Making a Big Deal of Small Stuff

Maybe your daughter got a haircut which you don’t like or maybe she wants to go to a party which you don’t want her to go to. But look at the big picture. When you let your kids make age-appropriate choices, they learn to take their own responsibility. Of course, you will be there for guidance and comfort- you are still the parent.

Don’t Ignore Big Stuff

Letting go your child small mistakes over and over again is also not healthy at all. Also, don’t ignore the big stuff. You need to intervene if your kid is coming home late for several days or is spending too much time alone or skipping school frequently. Take these signs and talk to your child to know if everything is fine.

Too much or Too Little Discipline

Discipline is necessary but even too much of it can cause damage. Being too strict makes the child fearful of you. As a result, he/she will start hiding things from you.

Not Spending Enough Time Together

Although teenagers like privacy, they may appreciate if you will genuinely listen to them. So, spend time with your kids and let them know that you are there for them. Go for shopping with your daughter or indulge in some sport with your son.

Not Talking Enough

Talk! Talk! Talk! Also, listen and understand them. Have a light conversation with your children. This will help them open up and feel free to you.


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