Give the sun a hard time this summer!

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Summer is back! So are the do’s and do not’s of skin experts! Do not get confused and just keep these simple, basic yet efficient things in mind…!

Water! Water! Water!

how to stay cool this summer
Keeping yourself hydrated becomes several times more important in summers. Everybody knows this but how many of us actually follow it? Some people barely drink 4 to 5 glasses of water which is not enough to keep cool and well hydrated. Whether you are in the office or at home keep refilling your glass with water.

Use Sun Protection

how to protect your skin this summer
Even after applying sunscreen you can get tanned! Imagine how much your skin gets affected without a sunscreen lotion. To fight the harsh sun rays use sunscreen that has 30 SPF or higher, ask your dermatologist for better advice since different people have different skin textures.
Apply the sunscreen at least before 15 minutes going outside. The importance of sunglasses increases suddenly during summers as it gives a major relief to your eyes from the harmful UV rays. And if you experience a headache because of extreme heat then wear a hat!

Carry a pack of face wipes

AAlways and we mean always carry a pack of tissues in your bag or purse! In summers, especially during the afternoon, your face becomes too oily and you need a tissue to wipe all the dirt and oil from your face. These days there are scores of fancy tissues available in the markets that are really good for your skin and some are alcohol-free.

Wear loose-fitting clothes

loose fitting clothes during summers
Allow yourself to be comfortable when there is blazing heat outside! Loose-fitting cotton clothes are the best choice for summers! Keep in mind to pair them with comfortable footwear. You can choose to cover yourself with a stylish scarf during extreme heat!


People with oily skin tend to ignore moisturizers during summers to avoid looking further oily! But the assumption is false! Skin becomes oily because it lacks hydration and is producing oil to compensate it. If you have sensitive skin then use an oil-free moisturizer instead of a sticky one. There are many oil-free moisturizers available in the market. Calamine lotion can be useful to handle rashes and redness.


how to protect face skin during summer
The heat can damage the outer layer of your skin especially face skin which creates dryness and makes skin flaky. Make sure you exfoliate your face twice a week it helps in removing dead skin cells. The best time to exfoliate is in the morning before you start getting ready for work or college. Do not forget to apply your moisturizer afterward.

How to choose the right sunscreen for your skin?

Manufacturing date- Look for sunscreens which have fresh manufacturing date. The shelf life of sunscreen is short so the next time you go shopping for a sunscreen keep this in mind.
Check Ingredients- Do not forget to check ingredients of the cream you buy. Avoid purchasing cream which contains “oxybenzone” as it can damage the skin. The Environmental Working Group (EWG) has rated oxybenzone an eight (8) on their toxicity rating scale.

protect yourself from harsh sunrays

Skin type and SPF needed

– Very fair, always burns easily and never tans- 30-50+
– Fair, always burns easily and tans minimally- 30-50+
– Light burns moderately and tans eventually- 15-30
– Medium burns minimally and always tans- 6-15
– Dark, rarely burns, tans readily- 2-10
– Very dark, never burns, becomes deeply pigmented-2-10

Food which keeps you cool!

Leafy & green vegetables
Coconut water
Cold milk

“A person should drink a lot of water, eat fresh fruits and consume juices. Avoid cold drinks, basically aerated drinks. And the sunscreen used should be very good; especially if you have oily skin then gel base creams really help. If you have dry skin then you should use lotion base sunscreen.”

-Dr. Suruchi Garg, Director and Chief Consultant, Aura Skin Institute, Chandigarh

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