An attempt to answer the epic question- What do women want in a relationship

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We often hear men saying “No one knows what goes in a woman’s head”. Well, it is true to some extent! It certainly is a ‘Mission Impossible’ to know what a woman wants from her better half. But if you are wise enough to understand the following things you can be the first man to have answered this question! All that a woman wants is little care, respect, and thoughtfulness! And 100 other things…let us guide you through a list of qualities to become the perfect partner!

what do women want in a relationship

See this kind of attitude will not be tolerated!!! So, let us start.


A woman wants 100 % transparency in a relationship which implies total honesty. A man should be honest about his routine or about whatever he is doing. This does not mean “control” or “possessiveness” as some say. It is just about two people in a relationship knowing about each other’s major activities.

what do women want in a relationship
Honesty is rare to find in this world but if you are lucky enough to find it then hold on to that person and do not let go! Be open about yourself. If you feel you need to hide something, then ask yourself is it meant for the betterment of the relationship? If yes, go ahead and if no, carefully communicate.


Time is the most underrated! We all know that it is the most valuable and significant aspect of any relationship. A woman needs your time as it makes your relationship stronger! When you spend more time with each other you discover a lot about each other’s personality, likings, disliking, thinking, behavior and you can plan beautiful things for future.

women time what do women want

If both partners are working then it can get difficult to take out time but the least you can do is spend an hour with your partner each day talking about usual things. Avoid stressful discussions and problem.

Feel loved

what do women want in a relationship love
Everyone on this planet wants to feel loved. A woman certainly wants to feel loved in a relationship. Men need to understand this basic premise. When a woman feels loved she feels comfortable being around her partner. Understand her! This also gives her a sense of security.


what does women want in a relationship attention

You may notice that some women do not crave for attention! But this could be a complete illusion! Every woman wants the attention of her lover. She wants attention in a relationship. Be attentive whenever your lady is having a conversation with you. Just focus on ‘her’ and not your ‘cell phone’ when you are spending some ‘quality’ time with her.

Put love in “action”!

what do women want in a relationship love and support

Woman love it when her man shows that he really loves her. Just saying it and not doing anything to express love is also bad. Even if the woman of your life says she doesn’t like an expression of love, still make her feel special in small ways that you care and love her. The expression of love could be through any means. Love in action simply means being thoughtful, considerate, sweet, forgiving, and compassionate.

Do not just “listen”

what do women want in a relationship dinner gif

Most men just listen for the sake of listening and women hate it! Women want men to understand their viewpoint and emotions. Contrary to the common notion that hearing your partner is enough, compassionate listening is very important. Respond appropriately to the situation. You do not always have to be the “problem solver” for her, just be there for her. And this applies to every relationship! Try to understand her emotions when she gets bothered by something; try to find a solution with her.


what do women want in a relationship apprecation

Women certainly are the givers in a relationship. Not that a man does not contribute enough, but for a woman, the sense of giving comes naturally. They need to be appreciated for it. In particular, they want their man to appreciate them for the efforts.


what do women want in a relationship equality feminst

Even if women face inequality elsewhere they do not want their own partner to discriminate them or face discrimination at home. Women want their partner to treat them equally or better. Equality in a relationship means freedom to express views without the fear of judgment, sharing opinions and reaching a decision to which both agree. This applies to everything! It does not matter if it is a big issue or a small thing.


what do women want in a relationship

Respect is the most basic and indispensable thing in a relationship that a woman wants. Women deserve the respect due to them. A man should learn to respect his woman’s views, likes, and dislikes, how she looks, her personality, just about everything. Correct her when she is getting off track but does not force your lady to implement your idea of beauty and perfection.


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