hit rock bottom how to overcome it

How to build your life after hitting rock bottom

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We all have heard the term “Rock Bottom” but what does it mean in the real sense? What is so frustrating about hitting rock bottom?

Rock bottom is a time in your life when you do not know what to do anymore; you are helpless and just want to die! This is the worse it can get. You detach yourself from the whole world and start living a life filled with disappointments and illusions.
And the situation gets worse when you start feeling comfortable living like that! No matter how much your family and friends reassure you, you stop trusting them.
This time is a real challenge for you. You have to get out of it no matter what and all by yourself.

Here is a guide for you if you feel you have hit rock bottom.

What makes you unhappy?

Find out what makes you feel unhappy. To move ahead in life you have to get rid of those things or people who make you feel sad. Or contemplate on your perspective and correct your viewpoint. Make a list if you have to!

unhappy sad hit rock bottom

Then make up your mind and say this to yourself “I will get rid of this for my own happiness or accept it”. It does not mean that you are being selfish. Thinking about your own happiness does not mean you are selfish.

Meet new people and create a network with them. Have a conversation and spend time with a group of positive people. This will eventually make you think and feel positive.

Feel the pain and use it constructively

Nobody likes pain and therefore we choose to ignore it. When we choose to ignore something which is creating some sort of pain or anger inside us, we are simply letting it grow more and more. If you use your pain in a wise manner it can act as a motivation for you. First, allow yourself to feel the pain when you hit rock bottom. Use it as a motivation. When you feel the pain you want to get out of it, right? This is the perfect kick you need. Do not settle for less when you deserve more, know your worth and capability.

Use your pain to ignite the fire in you, understand that you can do anything you want. There must be passion and bravery. To leave the depths of rock bottom you need to know that there is no other way than feeling positive and the graph has to go up! Youcan neither run away from it nor hide it. Transforming yourself is an option.

Reach out for help

ask for help hit rock bottom

There is no shame to reach out for guidance and help when you desperately need it.
During a dark phase of life we usually detach ourselves from our near and dear ones. It is absolutely normal to seek help. We are in a social set-up and need each other. Sometimes our problems weigh us down and we cannot bear the agony alone! If you find even one person who truly loves you and cares for you, you can consider yourself lucky as this one amazing person can do wonders for you emotionally. Such people do not think twice before giving you their shoulder to cry just because they want to see you happy.


hit rock bottom second chances

One of the advantages of reaching rock bottom is that it gives you a chance to change your life and turn it all over! The cherry on the cake is that you get to do all this without any pressure or expectations from anyone outside. It is a personal thing and a personal journey. What people think about you is now a thing of past!
Think of this phase as the perfect opportunity to get rid of every negative thought or person in your life. You can now change the direction of your life and come up with a new vision! Create new beliefs, principles, and values on which you want to live your life. Rebuild!

Realize that this is just a phase

Understand that this is just a bad phase and it cannot define your life. You will get out of this eventually and the good time is just around the corner waiting. Reassure yourself by saying “I own my life”. Repeat these words when you feel low.

Realize that life is just testing you and you have to give your 100% in every moment. Sorrow will come and go! So just teach yourself to remain ‘rock solid’ and adjust your attitude in a more positive manner.

You have nothing to lose

The realization that you have nothing else to lose makes you strong. You are at the lowest level and there is no way further down. That is why it is called rock bottom. Any step which you will take now will work or not work. When you have already failed and are at your edge you have nothing to lose! This makes you fearless. You cannot go in the past and solve everything so it is better not to regret anything.

Be grateful

grateful be grateful hit rock bottom

You need to have some gratitude in life! After all that has happened you still have some things which you are grateful for. This is the best time to feel this way. Take a look at the people standing next to you like a rock solid support during your failures. Be grateful for them and hold on to them. Hey! It could have been much worse.

“Life is full of ups and downs. No one can have a completely smooth life. We have to buck up and face adversity with resilience. Paramahansa Yogananda author of the famous book ‘Autobiography of a Yogi’ said that we should carry a ‘portable paradise’ within us in which we should allow moods or trials to affect us.”

Vivek Atray, Former IAS officer,

Noted Motivational Speaker & Author of Dubey ji Bounces Back
(a book about fighting back after hitting rock bottom )


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