8 sign you are in fake relation ship

8 Huge signs show you are in a fake relationship

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Are you in a fake relationship?

Our relationships define us whether it is with our parents, friends, colleagues, neighbours etc but there is one relationship which is the most important one and should be the top priority in your life that is the relationship you have with your spouse or girlfriend or boyfriend. This one relationship holds more space in your heart and mind than others do but what if this turns out to be a fake one? You will be shattered and could not believe the reality, better know before getting seriously involved whether the relationship is fake or real. We are going to tell you some signs from which you can detect a fake relationship.

#1. No Future or Immediate Plans/Concerns


No Future or Immediate Plans/Concerns

This is the biggest indicator that a relationship is a fake one! How can you build a future together or live together if you do not discuss it or even casually talk about it? In real relationships, couples talk about their future, or about celebrations or about immediate concerns or issues, they are able to see their life ahead. And in a fake relationship, a couple avoids talking about future. If your partner postpones and dodges discussions on your future it means he or she is not serious!

#2. Lack of Emotional Bond


lack of emotional bond

When you are not with your partner do you think about him or her? Does their bad mood affect your mood? Do you really miss them? If the answer to all these questions is NO! Then your relationship is probably a fake one and you are not emotionally connected to your partner.

#3. You have changed a lot!


You have changed a lot
A clear red flag! If you cannot act natural or show your real side to your partner and you mould yourself according to their personality, then the relationship is not real. In a real relationship, your partner accepts you the way you are, with all your flaws and you do the same! They do not try to charge you a lot but just coexist beautifully, and so do you!

#4. Plenty of fight


plenty of fight between couple

Fights are normal in a relationship but shear fights all the time is a sign of a fake relationship. And if at every fight you feel like ending the relationship, again it is a great hint! You blame each other for ruining the day or the relationship. If your partner does not want to solve things with you then it is a sure indicator of a fake relationship. In real relationships, both the partners try to figure out everything while keeping in mind each other perspective.

#5. No special moments


No special moments

When you love someone you find that every moment spent with them is special, even if you are not doing anything concrete! If you cannot find these special moments and you feel “normal” all the time then probably you are not in a real and genuine relationship or you are not in love! The feeling you get when you love someone cannot be defined in words, the relationship will last only if your love is extraordinary in ordinary times.

#6. Sex

sign that your partner cheat you
Sex can be the “cherry” on the cake, not the entire cake! It surely is an essential part of an intimate relationship but it cannot be the sole purpose. If being physical is the only thing which holds you both together then this is not a great sign. It surely doesn’t mean to have passions and fantasies. However, there can be a greater explanation of love and bonding than just physical intimacy!

#7. Public affection

public affection
Too much of public affection could mean one thing “show off”. If you both are head over heels for each other, it is another matter, and you truly do not care who is watching! But just pretending to love each other to show others and to show that you are in a healthy and fulfilling relationship (and in reality fighting in the privacy of your home) it is surely a big sign of a fake relationship.

#8. Do not “really” know each other?

bad relation

You may think you know your partner but do you really? Do you know their favorite movie? Or their favorite place on earth? Do you know about their little habits? If you do not know your better half inside out then you are making yourself a fool by assuming you know your partner. In a real relationship couples really know each other, their likes and dislikes etc things which no one else knows about them.

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