In conversation with actor Varun Sharma

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With the “Do good, Have good” attitude, Varun Sharma has carved a niche in the Indian Film Industry at a young age of 25. With his charm and clear-heartedness, he opens up about himself in a rapid fire question round with our guest columnist Manish Puri.

Who is Varun Sharma?
Varun Sharma is a very cute, lovable person who tries to spread happiness everywhere he goes.

What is your nickname?

Why have you come to Chandigarh currently?
To meet family and promote my upcoming show!

Jalandhar or Mumbai?
Mumbai because of the energy it possess to leave you in awe.

What would you have been if you had not got into acting line?

Your Bollywood crush?
Madhuri Dixit

When did you have your first relationship?
I had it when I was in 6th class. It was more of a fling.

What is the first alphabet of your first girlfirend’s name?

Flings or true love?
True love

Best timepass?
Listening Punjabi Songs

Best food?
Dal Makhni, Paneer Makhni.

Do you cook?
Yes, I cook delicious Paranthas. I cook them every weekend for family and friends.
Your look is quite different than convention 6 packs Bollywood hero. What is your take on that?
I want to build body with age and I might be having six packs by the time I am 28.

One thing you want to change in your nature?
I am shy and I will like to change it by being more outspoken and outgoing.

What is the most adventurous thing you have done in your life so far?
I drove the truck on deadliest road of India only two months back for my recent show.

Mark yourself on a scale of 10.

Best co-star?
Varun Dhawan

One star you wish to work with?
I had always been inspired by Shahrukh Khan Sir and I am fortunate enough to have got the chance to work with him already. I wish to work with Amir Khan Sir next.

Actor you want to pair up with?
Alia Bhatt

Director you wish to act for?
Anurag Kashyap because of distinct cinematic skills

Choose one- Varun Dhawan or Kapil Sharma?
Varun Dhawan

Is marriage on cards?
Not yet

When do you wish to get married?
At the age of 31. All of my Punjabi friends are already hitched. That is one reason why I chose Mumbai over Jalandhar.

Upcoming projects?
I have just finished a movie, Raabta and about to begin with Fukre 2 which will be released in next year.

Why are you not working in Punjabi films constantly?
I want to do out of box cinema. I really liked Bamboo ghat, which recently released. I am waiting for a right script to come.

Where will you be in 2 years?
I want to continue god work and I wish to see myself on 5 more film posters and engulf myself with more people who can appreciate me and my work.

In nutshell!
I am a big admirer of you (Manish!), and what you are doing. It is quite transparent and clear and reflects in your conversation.
A big congratulation to The Lifestyle Journalist for starting off this new venture.

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