It All Started With Friendship: Debina Bonnerjee & Gurmeet Choudhary

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Tell us about your love story?

It began when we were contestants of a reality show and that’s when we got to know each other. After that, I went to Kolkata and he went elsewhere. I thought of coming to Mumbai but I did not know anyone there except those 30 contestants from the show. From all of them, I chose to call Gurmeet and informed him that I am coming to Mumbai. I arrived, met him and we eventually became good friends. He was a friend of my room- mate’s boyfriend, so we began meeting frequently because of them. Quite naturally, we started chatting more. But one day when we stopped chatting we realized that we miss talking to each other. We knew that we were in love.

Things that make you fall in love with your partner more and more each day.

Debina: No one thing, in particular, there are actually so many things!
Gurmeet: Debina is very caring and she reminds me of my mother.

How do you plan to celebrate your Valentine’s Day?

Debina: Our anniversary falls on February 15 so we celebrate Valentine’s Day evening more as it is our anniversary the very next day. We try to have some private time just to celebrate our togetherness.
Gurmeet: February is our celebration month because it’s my birthday and our anniversary. Definitely, the plan will be unusual and grand this time (like always).

How often do you say ‘I Love You’ to each other?

Debina: We often say that, not all the time, but many times.
Gurmeet: Almost every day.

What does Valentine’s Day mean to you?

For us, it was always special because of our anniversary. It is a celebration of love and being together for us.

Things that you want to change in your partner.

Debina: I do not think I want to change anything in him. But yes he is very gentle and does not say anything to anyone even if they have done something wrong.
Gurmeet: She is very straightforward and does not think how the other person will feel. Though she always tells the truth and what she is feeling but the other person may get hurt!

How was your first date or your first meeting?

Debina: I was waiting for him; we were going out for a dinner. He came with a rose in his hand but I ignored the rose and was focused on the odor that was coming from Gurmeet. I told him that ‘there is too much of rosy smell from this rose’, he said that it’s a rose so it will smell like a rose but I insisted that ‘it is much more than the regular smell’. I insisted and said ‘you also smell like a rose’! He was left with no option and finally confessed that he brought gulab jal and sprinkled it on the rose and himself!
Gurmeet: That was my first experience of giving a rose to a girl. I was so conscious and nervous that the rose should smell good. There was no odor when I brought the rose, so I thought of buying gulab jal and sprinkled it on the rose and myself.

By what name have you saved your partner’s number in your mobile?

Debina: Hubby
Gurmeet: Wifey My Love

Which is the most memorable day of your life as a couple?

My first birthday that we celebrated together is the one that I can never forget. Gurmeet booked band baja that day and told them to play it on the road. I did not have the patience to wait for the surprise so we fought a lot on that. He was not willing to tell me about the surprise before the right time arrived. I literally sat on the road and told him to tell me about the surprise first! Gurmeet was pissed off. But when I saw band baja on the road, I was stunned and was feeling very shy. With this surprise, we forgot about all the fight we had before!

One thing you wish to tell your partner and still have not…

Debina: As we are each other’s best friends, I do not think there is something I have not told.
Gurmeet: I always speak my mind to her.

How do you deal with arguments?

Debina: We fight for the prettiest stuff and I fight till the time the argument is done, we immediately talk to each other.
Gurmeet: I prefer taking some space which Debina is not willing to give. She always pokes me to talk to her when we fight and then everything settles down at the end.

Falling in love feels like…

Debina: Feels like being at home and being so comfortable.
Gurmeet: It is everything for me. I am very filmy and I love the word love.

Describe your partner in one word?

Debina: The Best human being
Gurmeet: Crazy

What are your future goals as a couple?

Debina: To travel the whole world together Gurmeet: And we live the present moment fully. Every day we have a goal and we complete it at the end. We do not drag things until tomorrow. Even when we fight, we resolve it in maximum two hours, hug each other and sleep.

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