Anusha Slapped Me When We First Met: Karan Kundra

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Tell us about your love story?

Anusha: Our love story started at Chhatrapati Shivaji Airport. We worked in the same industry and for the same channel but never met each other. Then suddenly one fine day we meet at the airport for the MTV event! Karan had a huge crush on me. When we got back from the trip I got a message from him that he missed me already! I was little shocked.
: I stood up to see her as she is my senior and she is pretty, but she did not notice me and I sat back again. A couple of minutes later she came and literally slapped me on my shoulder asking why I did not come up and say hello. That’s how it began, it started from a slap.

Things that make you fall in love with your partner more and more each day.

Karan: Every day I find something new in her and that makes me want to love more.
Anusha: Karan is a kind of guy who will always be there for people, even if he is a stranger and I love that about him.

What special things you do for your partner on Valentine’s Day?

Karan: She is very happy with little things like showing her love and care.
Anusha: Karan is really lucky he gets away with Valentine’s Day because we are always shooting.

How often do you say ‘I Love You’ to each other?

Karan: I say her ‘I love you’ every day. It is very easy to say ‘I love you’ to her because she is a lovely person.
Anusha: I say it so much that I have to hold back because I do not want to drown him with I love yous!

Things you want to change in your partner.

Anusha: When you are with somebody, you actually do not want to change anything. But one thing I would want to harness in him is the ability to express him when he is feeling something.
Karan: I really do not want to change her because she is the girl I choose for myself.

How was your first date or your first meeting?

Anusha: We had one date in three years. This was just near the beginning of our relationship and he was just about to start another TV show, which will take 15 hours of his day for a year. When we got there he told me that this is our first and final date, I was surprised with this. He said I will not have life because of the hectic schedule. Ever since then, we did not go on another date.
Karan: When I took her to IMG world. She was shouting, screaming and was very excited.

By what name have you saved your partner’s number in your mobile?

Anusha: Karan Kundra with a bear emoji
Karan: Anusha Dandekar with a bomb emoji

Which is the most memorable day of your life as a couple?

Anusha: My most memorable day is the first time I met him. I remember seeing him and thinking why was he wearing the weird red headband!
Karan: It was after six months of knowing each other, we were both at different places and I took a flight to meet her. I told her ‘I love you’ and went back.

One thing you wish to tell your partner and still have not…

Karan: Anusha is prettier than what she thinks and she should stop taking stress of other people.
Anusha: I want to tell him that whatever it is, he should come and tell me. He should know that I will handle it better than anybody else.

Falling in love feels like…

Anusha: It is like a rollercoaster ride, because there are so many ups and downs, twists and turns and sometimes things go upside down too. The feeling you get in the stomach when you are falling down in a rollercoaster and that is the feeling of a relationship. Then, as you get more confident and comfortable on that rollercoaster, butterflies may go away but you still feel that excitement and that is beautiful. There is a fear, there is anxiety and other kind of pressures that you go through but the safety belt is there- you and your partner keep each other safe and locked in.
Karan: Yes, It is a rollercoaster.

How do you deal with arguments?

Karan: I am a non-confrontational person, I leave arguments and I leave the town- that is how I deal with it.
Anusha: I am the most confrontational. But with him, you cannot have an argument, it has to be a discussion filled with reason and affection.

Describe your partner in one word?

Karan: She is impossible and truly passionate.
Anusha: For me Karan Kundra is intelligent and has a great personality.

What are your future goals with your partner? Any plans of getting married?

Karan: It is going to be more travel. I want to grow in life with her. I would love to have a daughter with Anusha who looks like her and has my brain. Let’s see what Anusha says on this!
Anusha: I would love to travel the world with him too. I really want to have the best time of my life with him. For the baby, we need to wait. He will surely be a handsome dad!

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