Cupid’s arrow strikes right Aashka Goradia and Brent

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How did your paths cross?

Brent: I was working at Hakkasan nightclub in the evening for some of our company’s clients. Calvin Harris was performing that evening which draws the biggest crowds in Vegas. I had payed for my table and was waiting for clients to arrive. I noticed Aashka and her friend standing by themselves, maybe 10 feet from my table. After a few exchanged glances I invited her over to sit with me.
Aashka: Our paths crossed in the most beautiful manner, it was destined.

Was it love at first sight?

Brent: No, I don’t think so. She was shy around me and to be honest, didn’t seem very interested. I thought she was very lovely, but I didn’t want to seem pushy.
Aashka: Love is a progressive feeling, it has nothing to do with first time or sight. But the gush in your stomach is enough to start something.

So, what attracted you to each other?

Brent: what I found so incredibly attractive about Aashka was her will-power, her life story, her capacity to love. She’s a very beautiful woman but her heart is truly radiant. Next to Aashka, I see my future as a great man doing great things in India and the world at large.
Aashka: His big beautiful blue eyes.

What was the moment like when you confessed love to each other?

Brent: It was while we were in Vegas the second time. Everyone knows that feeling of revelation in which words are meaningless. And like a house of cards, my emotional barriers came tumbling down and I shared my heart with her.
Aashka: When we met the second time in Vegas, we were sure of how we felt, it’s progressed super fast, but it did and I am glad nothing is gradual about that.

What makes your relationship work?

Brent: Firstly I want to say nothing about being with Aashka is ever “work.” We have come to learn a lot about one another and everyday I get to know her a little more. We have created a vision together that is our guiding light.
Aashka: The constant need of wanting to know each other better everyday and being from two completely different cultures, we have so much to discover about each other, it’s going to be an entertaining journey.

One thing you like about each other & one thing you dislike?

Brent: Like: Her presence when she walks into the room. It slays me every time. Dislike: She has this nightstand next to the bed that is always cluttered.
Aashka: I like so many things about him, most of all would be his kindness and urge to be a better human each day.
I dislike him when he hides ammo of my nerf guns. That’s not cool Brent!

Who makes peace first when you fight?

Brent: This is going to sound strange but I enjoy our “challenging” debates at times. I would NEVER want to fight with her. Aashka doesn’t let me hide my thoughts, no matter how small.
Aashka: There is no remote chance of fight for the way our relationship is and the kind of person he is, we have different opinions, but as long as we want same things, there is no scope of fights.

Do’s & Don’ts of relationship you swear by

Brent: Do – Stick to your words. If you’re fault at your word, own it and move on. Commit to being better.
Don’t take on your partners emotional burdens; support them in releasing it. Do speak your truth, no matter how difficult it may be. Don’t take anything personally.
Aashka: Couple rules :- never go to bed without resolving even mere debates.
We want to be capable and be able to do everything that works to condition to live a good life.
The big don’t is have no Do Nots, rather find other ways to do it.

Craziest thing you did together

Brent : I uprooted my life in America to join Aashka on the other side of the world. Best decision I’ve ever made.
Aashka: The craziest thing would be sit first on a ride on Stratosphere in VEGAS and be hung from 900ft. That’s the time I knew, I will have kids with this man. (laughs)

A special thing you both did for each other that brings a smile on your face?

Brent : When Aashka first met my mother, she took her out on the back porch, just the two of them, for maybe 15 minutes. It was very moving and will always be a truly special thing she did.
Aashka: We have something new everyday for one another, even in thoughts, we just hope to continue doing so. Finding joy in the little most.

Looking back what is it that you would like to change in the relationship?

Brent: I literally can’t answer that because everything happens as a chain and if I changed anything where would I be now? So no, I wouldn’t change anything. Everything that has happened I’m thankful for.
Aashka: This relationship is one of its kind NEEDS NO CHANGE. I would never want it to.

If marooned on an island what are the things you would like to bring: 1:Satellite 2:phone 3:GPS locator 4:Hatchet 5:Sunblock 6:Magnifying glass.

Aashka: Trust me, with the time Brent spends packing his hand bags only, I would have nothing to worry about. I would have him and that would be enough.

When you are away from each other how many times you end up calling each other:

Brent: 2-3 times over the course of 10 hours. We text a lot too. We hate being a part from one another.
Aashka: Go bless FaceTime, we manage the time zones and make it happen as much as we can.

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