Jasmin Bajwa- Style Addict Star

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Meet Jasmin Bajwa, a refreshingly “stylish” actress of Pollywood and
a highly enthusiastic fashion creator.

How would you describe your style mantra?
I follow this simple mantra when it comes to style- ‘Dress well because life is too short to blend in.’ I mix and match but prefer to keep things classic. My style is trendy and chic. I keep up with the latest fashion trends and make things effortlessly stylish. I love using makeup as it enhances my confidence. I keep experimenting with my look. It’s important to know your body fit, type and what suits you best. Style is a clear representation of what you want to look like with your touch to it.

What would you choose to wear for a formal party?
Dress as you please. I would go in for scuba bellbottoms and a nice shimmery formal top or a satin shirt.

And, for a date night?
Sexy with a tinge of sophistication is what you need to look like on a date. I would go for a hot flirty chic dress or a bodycon midi dress that enhances my curves. Colour choice needs to be perfect. I would choose red, violet or wine as these colours look good at night. A bodycon black dress is the safest option when you don’t find anything else.

Your ideal gym wear would be?
Fabric should be breathable. Tank top and high waist dryfit gympants is what I would go for. Ubercool colours look very good. Hair tied in a high ponytail or a cute braid completes the look. Nike provides the best gym clothes according to me.

How do you play with colours in your clothes?
I personally feel fashion starts with the choice of colours. My preference is analogous colour matching and the contrast method. When my outfits go a little dull, I choose some flashy coloured footwear giving the whole look a fresh breeze. I personally feel bright colours like pink, yellow, red suits me the best. White is an all time favourite. It’s such a safe peaceful colour.

What, according to you, is the most attractive men’s clothing?
I like men dressed in fitted shirts. Biker looks and heavily tattooed are big no for me. Shoes play an important role. I personally judge men by their shoes. Shoes need to be well thought of.

Do you like Indian traditional clothes that you like to wear?
Indian wear for me is all about royalty. I love lehangas with ruffles, lace, trains and all sorts of dramatic components. I am a bit choosy when it comes to Indian wear and I take a lot of time to decide. I would love to wear a saree as I haven’t worn one yet.

Brands you love?
My favourite brands are Zara, H&M, forever 21 and Aldo.

Where do you like to shop from?
Shopping malls and online stores. I am surely a ‘try and test before I buy’ kind of girl. I trust shein online shopping site. And I love Zara, Carlton, Aldo and H&M..

Who’s your style icon?
Sushmita Sen and Olivia Culpo. Sushmita Sen’s style is effortless and she can carry almost every ensemble. Talking about Olivia, I love her beauty. Her makeup and hair are always on point and every outfit fits her like skin. They both look like goddesses and are highly influential when it comes to style.

A designer you would choose from your wardrobe and why?
I think right now I am going to play safe and go with my own designer ‘youngberry’ owned by Bhavdeep Kaur. She knows my taste and preferences. Whenever there’s an event, she never fails to put forward the most apt outfit for me.

Most stylish celebrity from the golden era?
Rekha ji. She is the epitome of timeless beauty and style. And the jewellery she wears is to die for. She makes a saree and gajra look so elegant and royal.

Vintage fashion you love?
Sweetheart and halter neck dresses and puffed knee-length skirts look amazing. Not to forget, those hats and floral bow hair bands and bandanas are quite in, these days as well.

How has your style evolved over the years?
The first thing is that there’s so much to learn about fashion. My fashion sense has evolved a lot over the years. I always went on to imitate others. Now I have learnt to create a statement of my own as I believe one’s style should reflect their personality. Imitation is not fashion. You need to add your own magical touch to a dress. I keep improvising and know the impact of minimalism. When I was in school, I used to limit myself with the ongoing trend. Now being a celebrity I know I cannot wait for trends to change, I need to bring a change myself with a lots of experiments.

Do you take risk when it comes to fashion?
Fashion and risk go hand in hand. There is no point calling yourself a fashionista when you don’t want to go beyond one’s imagination. I aim to become a feisty fashion icon. The one odd fashion I want to try would be a latex dress with a bold coloured hair.

What, according to you, is the most bizarre fashion trend?
Plastic Jeans. Plastic jeans for me failed heavily in terms of fashion!

Country you love in terms of fashion?
India. Actually I truly believe India has come a long way in terms of fashion. For example, we are best at creating fashion, every state has its own traditional outfits, we represent each style and culture so beautifully whether it’s a saree or a bikini. And, the Indian jewellery is unbelievable.

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