My Valentine’s Day

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Aakriti Ahuja, Entreprenuer
I am not ordinarily big on Valentines or any of the conventional things associated with it. I very sincerely believe that one day is not enough to call out or express your love for your loved ones!

Sohni Makkar, Fashion Designer
I have never really celebrated Valentine’s Day but it seems like a good idea today when all over the world, humanity is plagued with so much anger, intolerance and violence. Let St. Valentine’s message of love be a reminder to celebrate this beautiful life, love and appreciate all the wonderful people in our lives , make them feel special not necessarily with expensive gifts or grand gestures but with simple words of warmth and affection. And let’s carry this love and gratitude forward into each day of the year.

Anu Singla, Interior Designer & Co-Founder SBP Group
It’s a day to celebrate love of your life which can be your beloved, family and friends. I love to take off early from the office and spend time with my family and stay at home.

Rosy Singla, Owner (Roselyn Square)
Valentine’s day is a celebration of love, which I hold dear to my heart as it is the day I can express my love to my Valentine, imperfect however it may be. Love is the most powerful force, it enables you to be selfless . I wish everyone the happiest Valentines day and hope they are blissful enough to taste the elixir of love, for life seems a very dull ride without it.”

Monica Sood, Owner (Orane)
Raising the bars of the “festival-of-youth” to a “festival-with-a-cause”! I believe Valentine’s Day is a day to “give-back” to the cherished ones and society. I like to focus on contributing to the society. My team and I celebrate the day by holding blood donation camps at all 90+ branches across India and Canada, a tradition that has been going on since over 7 years.

Dia Mittal, Leading Makeup Artist
The easiest way to spend quality time with loved ones is to involve them in your day. Valentine’s Day is traditionally a way to celebrate the romance in your life, but it’s also a good way to show your family and friends how much you value them. Nowadays, it’s more celebrated in families as a special day.

Parul Duggal, Leading Makeup Artist
Valentines for me is a symbol of loving unconditionally. Being a Buddhist practitioner I have first loved myself immensely and filled my heart with love and care for my family, friends, my work and mostly my clients. It’s beautiful to love people whom I meet from all walks of life, whom I’ve never met before and just make them feel the power of love.

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