Jasmine Sandlas, The Voice The Rocked The Nation

Jasmine Sandlas, The Voice The Rocked The Nation

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Travelling has exponentially increased my songwriting skills – Jasmine Sandlas

With her ‘fierce’ red hair and powerhouse vocals, Jasmine Sandlas is one artist who is difficult to be given a miss in India’s Film and Music industry at this moment! Add to that chartbusters like Yaar Na Mile from Kick, Khallas from Veerappan, Ishq Da Sutta from One Night Stand, this Punjabi artist has turned into an easily recognizable name…Her most recent singles include- Sara College, Badaal, Akh Kashni and her sole track from Angels of shake Jaagde Ke Sutte have been a gigantic hit.

The Journey Of Jasmine Sandlas

Tollywood rhythm

She is all set to discover her place in Tollywood with Megastar Chiranjeevi’s next Khaidi No 150. A huge fan of Devi Sri Parsad (DSP) herself, she said yes to the offer over the phone and decided to flew to Mumbai to meet him.

“Before saying yes to the offer I had negligible information what the melody was about.To me, Telugu sounds somewhat like Punjabi (songs), on the grounds that the words can get somewhat unruly and hard hitting. Furthermore, recording this tune has just expanded my horizon!

She will soon be performing in Hyderabad. I’m certain I’ll sing with so much commitment that I will do justice to the dialect and people will believe I am a young Telugu lady!!

MTV Journey Life Changing

Jasmine feels that she is a completely changed individual after the show. Riding her bullet motorbike from Mumbai to interiors of Punjab, Jasmine along with three other playback singers, met new individuals through this unique road journey and eventually composed melodies inspired by an all-ladies group who resembled the ‘Gulab Gang’- the Bravehearts!

“In these times of self-obsession, it was a refreshing experience to cherish some else’s honour. I cherished conversing with these ladies who stood through testing times and emerged victoriously. It was wonderful to see the bond among those brave ladies whom I met. It was a matter of pride and honour for me to compose stories on such inspiring ladies.

Songwriting is going to make a difference!

Jasmine started writing songs at an every age of 16. She has worked on several solo albums and many songs (including Bollywood projects).

“For me, music is an intense work of art. So my verses are about women power. I think there is a dire need of writing such songs and singing them.  My songwriting began at cafes and local hotspots. Cafes and shorelines have been my favourite spots to pen down melodies!

MTV Coke Studio

I was not certain about Coke Studio since it is one perform where you encounter  legends from the music industry. I had watery eyes initially! I knew I could not do it!! Be that is how it was meant to be. Sachin Jigar convinced me and later I did it and even nailed it totally!!

Blessed with all love

My personal circle is loaded with loved ones and they travel along with me to studios and shows. My fans are so amazing! During the last show in Chandigarh, I had amazing experiences.  I could actually compose a song on that! I feel a special pull towards Punjab and it’s an open secret.

Another special experience for me is that my fans connect with my song lyrics and that is the real wealth for me! Meet brothers, Dr Zeus, Honey Singh, Mika Singh, Intense are my friends from the Punjabi Music Industry, and they are not just friends but a mirror to me, who correct me, appreciate me and push me to get better!

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