Joy builds immunity, Stress hampers it!

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North India’s leading homeopath Dr. Vivek Mohan enlightens how the COVID 19 times are preparing us for a bigger change. Health and hygiene- physical and mental, will become paramount in times post Corona pandemic.

In order to stay well we must understand some basic nuances of health and life. This lockdown is a dress rehearsal for us in many ways. Certain things we need to incorporate in our day to day life and these will now become more relevant and evident. For all the changes that are being witnessed now there is no time frame. These changes are here to stay! Letís accept this! The disease advises us to practice a certain way of living in order to avoid falling ill. So letís plan our day, our month, and our life accordingly.

Our economy, our life, our health; all are equally important! We need to look and practice afresh. Therefore letís not have any baggage- mentally and health-wise! Letís live life light and happily. The incentive to rebuild ourselves with enthusiasm will give us joy. This will considerably increase our immunity. Joy builds immunity and stress hampers it. This is the most important thing to understand. All we need to do is correct our perspective towards living our life. So physical distancing needs to be accepted as a reality and letís move on with it.

We will reach the goal together and beat any such pandemic that surfaces. COVID 19 has taught us interdependence! Not independence! “I obey rules, you gain. You obey, I stay well. So simple!”

In the words of Robert Frost- The woods are dark and deep.And in the words of the great sage of India Swami Vivekanand- Arise awake and stop not till the goal is reached…

Why Policing is needed to control COVID 19?

The full form of the word POLICE is ‘Public Officer for Legal Investigations and Criminal Emergencies’. It is strange that we need police assistance and insistence to keep people indoors for their health care. Let’s understand why such a situation is happening. There are countries (though only a couple) where same norms are being followed by the people to the hilt without any Police help. The result is, total flattening of the curve and no casualties!

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