Latest Big Fashion Brands & Their New Elements

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The fashion giants are engaging their audience with best in music and culture. From Chanel to Valentino, the big brands are providing entertainment and education in the form of live performances, songs and videos and interviews with the A-listed stars. Discover your favorite brand strategies to deal with the lockdown situation. Immerse into fashion, art and music with innovative elements.

Chanel, the French Maison created a new playlist on Apple Music Chanel Chanel, the French Maison created a new playlist on Apple Music for followers. It also enlisted Belgian singer Angele to live stream on their Instagram account and encouraged people to stay at home. Chanel, the French Maison created a new playlist on Apple Music

Jimmy Choo: The label organized an online competition where as an initiative; it asked its audience to submit drawings of shoe designs. The best picked by the brand will feature on its social media channels and the most creative designs will be added to a capsule collection, with all the profits given to an undisclosed charity.

Stella McCartney With #stellacommUnity and #StellaStaircase, the designer has asked its audience to film comedy and creative scenarios and videos around set of steps to engage them amidst the lockdown.

Balenciaga The Fashion Label is engaging the audience by asking them to submit their videos and images with its products. The images and videos will feature on their Instagram handle.

Missoni Missoni and Awaytomars, has invited designers from all over the world to virtually create a capsule collection that will be sold worldwide. They are the first hundred percent user created fashion brand and this idea sets a great example for other big fashion giants too.

Dolce & Gabbana Dolce & Gabbana is encouraging viewers to remain indoors and asking them to donate to the Humanitas University and its constant efforts to find a treatment for COVID 19. With celebrities, artisans and other entertainers, the brand emphasizes and shares its core characteristics like family, tradition and quality. The brand has also launched a #DGFattoinCasa program for this initiative.

Valentino The brand launched #ChezMaisonValentino, a program to entertain audience on its Instagram platform. The famous singers will perform for its followers. Alicia Keys was first on the list to perform and romanticize with the brand fashion collection.

-(Compiled by Aditi Rana)

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