Kainaat Arora : Grand Masti Girl

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A dreamer and a lover of cinema- these two words aptly define her persona. She is a degree holder in merchandising from the prestigious NIFT Delhi and works hard each day towards achieving her dream. Meet Kainaat Arora– an unassumingly simple girl with big dreams! Always fascinated by the acting world, her childhood days were chock-full with dreams and fantasies of making it to the film industry (sub-consciously though). She is valiant and never hesitates to speak her mind. Her own love for acting, for movies and her intense liking for cinema have struck a chord with her audience too!  Kainaat has worked in Bollywood, Pollywood, Telugu and Malayalam cinema and is a known name in the entertainment industry. She has this neverstop attitude and does not let success get into her head. The Lifestyle Journalist Aditi Rana strikes an unfiltered and candid conversation with Kainaat.

Who is Kainaat Arora in real life?

Kainaat Arora is a simple girl who loves mountains. I love nature, snow and everything adventurous. I like exploring new places and traveling. I love listening to music. Back in my school days, I used to play basketball a lot and I feel I am still that girl who loves those courts and offcourse basketball. A part of me is still stuck in those basketball courts. I miss all of it!

Are you happy and content with your life, personal and professional, at the moment?

I don’t think anybody can be content in their life. If somebody wants to achieve something big in life or if somebody has a dream they can’t be satisfied! Personally, I am a very greedy person when it comes to work. I want to do everything. I think if I will become content, I wouldn’t enjoy my work. My life will become boring.

You inspire multitudes. Who is your role model?

My role model is Shahrukh Khan. I always looked up to him as an actor. During my school days, I used to watch all his films and interviews. I used to read newspapers and magazine to read Shahrukh Khan’s interviews.I used to collect all of them. I still have all the cuttings. I think I can make a booklet with it; I have so many of them! He inspired me a lot because he has risen from the ground level. With no film background, he has become a star with his own might and talent. I look up to him always! He is a truly self-made man. He lost his parents at a very young age, still he never gave up. He entered the film industry with a dream long time ago and without any support he ruled it!

What made you fall in love with acting at the first place?

Back in my school days, I used to participate in fancy dress and dance completions. I was a true all-rounder. I was more into extracurricular activities. I used to imitate all my favorite actors, favorite songs, dance steps. I never thought I would get into acting and modelling. But as an eight year old, I used to tell my cousin sister that one day we will both become actors. ‘Now we have short hair and girls with short hair don’t become actors. All the beautiful actresses have long beautiful hair. One day we will have long hair and then we will become actresses too’ I used to tell her. I do have long hair now and I am an actor now (laughs). Dreams come true. You just have to dream big, aim high. Only then you can achieve big in life!

How did your journey started?

My journey started in my college days. I was doing merchandising in Delhi. I was crossing the road and a photographer spotted me and gave me my first break of Satya Paul. After that I came to Mumbai and there was no looking back! I did a song with Akshay Kumar in Khatta Meetha. I did advertisement shoots of Cadbury, Liberty, Maruti and a lot more. I went to Judge Miss Kerala and Priyadarshan Swami saw me there and eventually offered me a song in Khatta Meetha opposite Akshay Kumar. The song became a big hit.

Did you ever consider any other career path?

No, there was no such plan in my subconscious mind. I always wanted to do acting. But it was a hidden dream from childhood. I did merchandising which I never planned. After that I did modelling which just came along my way. Everything happened eventually. There was no such plan. Besides films, I love interior designing. I love decorating. I love planting too. I do it in my house.

As an actress travel is a big part of your job. Do you like it?

I like to travel. But I don’t like travelling by plane. Unfortunately, I have to do it. But I am lucky that I get to travel the most beautiful locations of the world. I get to explore new places, and get to stay at the most exotic hotels. So I feel blessed for all this.

What has been the most memorable experience so far?

When I got my first break with Akshay Kumar. When I saw him at the sets it was a great moment for me. Also when ‘Great Grand Masti’ became a 100 crore film and got nominated to IIFA, it was a proud moment. I walked the green carpet in Florida. It was a beautiful experience.

How do you balance your family and constant work as well as travelling?

My family does not stay with me in Mumbai. I always talk to them on phone. They are very supportive. I miss them very much! I feel bad that I don’t get to see them a lot or that I cannot spend time with them more often now. Honestly, sometimes I think I am paying the price of my dreams, by living apart from them. I really miss them!

What’s that one advice that your parents gave you about surviving showbiz?

Nothing actually. They didn’t give me any advice. They were not happy with my decision earlier. But when I started modelling they were happy with the results and now they are really happy for me. They are very supportive. They don’t advise me much. They know I am sensible enough. And when you are constantly working in this industry, you eventually become wiser.

How do you take and process criticism and also negativity?

I just ignore it. I don’t think that it deserves my attention at all. I am very good at ignoring people. If you want to punish someone just disappear from their life! Silence is the biggest punishment and I suggest any girl who faces negativity should do the same. Give them the utmost silence of their life. This is the best answer.

What do you do in your spare time?

I listen to music. I set up my cupboards. I love perfumes. And I own a lot of them. So I set my perfume section. I decorate my home and do planting. I love spending time like this at home.

Any sweet memory that you fondly remember from your childhood days?

I miss my school days. I used to love my school days. I used to look forward to go to school every day. I participated in all curricular activities. I was good in academics too. So school is my best childhood memory. I miss it.

You have worked in Bollywood- pegged as a dream industry to work in by many young acting aspirants. How was the experience?

It’s nice. As long as your work is being appreciated by people and good opportunities are coming your way, people are welcoming you and you are living your dream and earning money out of it. It is cherry on the cake!

What is your fitness Mantra?

Only diet control! I don’t work out at all. I manage by controlling my diet. I always had a sweet tooth and I don’t work out at all. I love chocolates and it was difficult to give it up. But now I have controlled my food! I don’t eat Chapati, Rice and Butter. I found a healthy alternative for everything I used to love. I found a substitute for everything and controlled my diet. I don’t gym at all!

What is your beauty regime?

I just wash my skin properly and moisturize it before sleeping. I try to keep my skin clean and eat healthy. That’s all! Also I believe I am blessed with good genes.

The most adventurous thing you did last year?

I went to Kashmir this year- for me that was an adventure. Last year I went to East Europe. I did snow sports. I am a total snow baby. I love it!

You have worked in Bollywood and now you are working in Punjabi film industry too. What difference do you feel working in the two?

Just the language (laughs). Professionalism is same in both the regions. Not just in Bollywood and Pollywood but in Tamil, Malayalam and Telugu also. Just that the actors and directors change. Otherwise there is no difference that I found. The problems and the positive things are also the same. You just have  to work hard in every industry. For instance I don’t know Punjabi too much. So I have to work a little harder. Otherwise there is nothing different.

What is your take on favouritism in Bollywood industry?

I think you can get a good launch if you are a star kid. You just get a chance. After that, it’s your hard work, luck, dedication and talent which will take you from there further. Otherwise you can’t fool the audience. If they don’t like your work, you can’t stay here for sure. I just think we are employed by the people who watch us!

The #MeToo movement is creating a wave in the industry. What is your take on that?

I believe whoever is facing it and if they are facing it, it is sad and not right at all. Not in the film industry, but in any field, whether it is the corporate world or any work field, it is definitely not right. It should obviously not happen to anyone. I think the government is taking proper actions right now against this. And if it had happened to me in the past I wouldn’t have waited. I would have reacted there and then. I can’t ever tolerate this! People who want to join Bollywood should come through trustable sources, people and ways.

What is your signature look?

I like blazers, pants, formal shirts, jeans, comfortable clothes.

Tell us about your future projects

I just finished shooting for a web series ‘Birthday Gift’. It’s a psychotic thriller and I am really looking forward to its release. Besides, I am doing a Punjabi film ‘Kitty Party’ directed by Nav bajwa. My co-star is also Nav Bajwa in the film along with Upasna Singh, Anita Devgan, Gurpreet Ghuggi. It is a hardcore comedy. We are shooting in Thailand. One schedule is over. Second schedule is starting in November and the movie is releasing in 2019. Other than that I am doing a musical film ‘Band of Maharaja’. I am also doing Guntur part 2. It is a Telugu film and sequel of Guntur. It’s a hit Telugu film.

What actor would you do happily a love scene with?

Shahrukh Khan, Ranveer Singh, Ranbir Kapoor, Hrithik Roshan.

What is your take on success and failure?

I am a patient person when it comes to work. Whether it is success or failure, I don’t think about it much. I just concentrate on the next step and do my work. Neither do I take stress when something doesn’t work out nor do I get too happy with success. Nothing is permanent. Everything just passes.

Favourite holiday destination


Favourite Food


Favourite Movie


Favourite Book

Act like a lady, think like a man

Love is


What is the first thing you notice about a person?

Personality and how the other person is smelling, bad odour is a big turn off for me.

Three qualities that your partner should have

Honesty, compatibility and I like clean people.

One talent you are secretly proud of

I always make sure other people are looking good. I love dressing other people. I suggest them and help them get ready.

What is your spirit animal?

I think I am more like a dog! I am very faithful.

One thing you absolutely cannot resist

A good aroma and intelligence.

One film you wished to star in

Jab We Met, Rockstar

One thing you hate about Bollywood

Nothing at all

One celebrity you would like to go on a date with

Ranveer Singh

If you have a ‘Superpower’ what would you do with it?

I wish I have the superpower to get to see Shahrukh Khan every day and how he lives, and get to know his world. And I wish I get to see my mother every day.

A millennial you would like to swap life for a day?

Amitabh Bachchan

Fame or Fortune

Both. I am greedy (laughs)







Actress: @ikainaatarora

Photograph: @sandeepsahdevofficial

Outfits & Styling: @shrutisinglaofficial

MUA & Hair: @ramantharejaartist

Jewellery: @jiadiamonds

Location: @radissonchandigarhzirakpur

Manager: @runjhun_parmar





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