Kashmiri Handicrafts, Know Which Ones You Should Buy

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Ayushi Sood familiarizes you with the art and culture of Kashmir including the Kashmiri handicrafts and how it can be made a part of our daily lives:

KASHMIR is the state known for its diverse art and culture. The mesmerizing papier mache, pashmina and what not! Art is something that makes us see through many horizons. So why not bring the essence of Kashmir and its art to our daily lives.

Top 4 Most Famous Kashmiri Handicrafts

Kashmiri Handicrafts #1: Paper Mache

Looking for something elegant, unique yet antique at the same time? Papier mache is the thing! Papier mache is one of the most beautiful handicrafts of Kashmir. It will give a zing to your decor yet traditional at the same time. Paper mache is one of the oldest arts of Kashmir and is admired all around the world. These are elegantly drawn and painted art works. Paper mache is not only shown pieces but can be a chest of drawers, steel glasses, anything literally!

Paper mache Kashmiri Handicarfts # 1

Kashmiri Handicrafts #2: Carpets

Carpets are something that are needed everywhere be it your work place or home. Why not make a simple decor more regal and eye catching! Though carpet weaving is the most expensive and renowned handicrafts in Kashmir but it’s really worth your money. The carpet sizes in Kashmir start from three by foot and extends to four by six foot and so on. One can find a carpet starting from a few thousand rupees to lakhs. There is an endless variety for you to choose as you like it!

kashmiri handicrafts carpet 1

Kashmiri Handicrafts #3: Pashmina Shawls

‘SHAWLS’ a women’s best friend in winters! Keep yourself warm this winter with Kashmir’s beautiful shawls. Pashmina is one of the best cashmere wool. Though, now there is a large collection of pashmina shawls for men too. These shawls are available from plane pashmina shawls to heavily embroidered ones. The shawls range from hundreds rupees to thousands depending on the quality of the wool you choose. So add these beauties in your wardrobe this winter to glam up your look.

Kashmiri handicrafts Pashmina shawls

Kashmiri Handicrafts # 4: Wood Carvings

Another interesting part of Kashmiri handicraft is wood carvings or also known as Walnut wood carving which is exclusively found in Kashmir. Complex wood carvings can be seen on houseboats of Kashmir. Wood carvings are now extensively used in the fancy furniture making, be it cupboards, coffee tables, drawers, showpieces, jewellery boxes and lots more. Adding any of the wood piece with special Kashmiri carvings will fascinate everyone and add a special touch to your house.


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