8 Ways To Make Your Perfume Scent Last All Day

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Who doesn’t love to smell good all the time? Mostly the perfumes we wear tend to disappear within a few hours of application. Titiksha Jain gives you some tips to make the perfume scent last longer.

Back in the college days or even now at the workplace, we will find one such person who always smells good no matter what the weather is like. Be it rainy July or freezing December or sticky June, the person would know how to bloom with fragrance all day long. We all have had that moment when we cannot help but wonder how on Earth one can smell so pristine without fail. Well, here are some really easy tricks which can help you achieve your goal:

Awesome Hacks To Make Your Perfume Scent Last All Day

1. Applying on the magic spots

There are certain spots on the body which are warmer and thus the aroma of a perfume applied on these specific spots is automatically enhanced. These spots are behind the ears, inside the elbows, on the collarbones, hands, on the ankles, behind your knees and on the belly button (especially if you plan to wear a tummy baring outfit). It is easier for the scent to settle in on these areas and it lasts longer than usual.

ways to make perfume scent last longer

2. Forget Rubbing!

One place where we go wrong is when we rub the perfume. There is no rule behind rubbing but it surely lessens the lingering life of perfume.

3. Opt for complimentary fragrance family

There are certain scents which stay longer than others. Sensual notes like woody, ambers and musks linger on for a longer time than fruity citrusy notes. Make sure that you choose one scent for your whole range of toiletries. This way contrasting scents would not make a mess. You can mix and match as well but make sure that the scents actually go together. A variety of flower fragrance won’t smell good together but a mild mixture of citrus will smell good.

4. Bye-bye to smelly hair

Many people forget that the smell of dirty hair is as noticeable as that of a freshly washed hair. But it is not easy to take a head bath all the time nor is it advised. Since, scents stick to fibres, it is best to dampen your hair and then spray your beloved scent on your comb and just gently brush your hair. Do not overdo it!

bye bye smelly hair by tlj

5. Hydrated skin

A well hydrated and moisturized skin helps to keep fragrances with them for a longer duration. Apart from drinking lot of water, do not forget to moisturize daily.

6. Layering is the secret

Just like we apply makeup on our face, similar is the case with the body. Whether it is body wash or body lotion or body sprays or deodorants or perfumes, each one helps to form a layer. When you use different products of similar scents it actually helps to lock the fragrance.

7. Re-apply

No matter how many tricks you use, you need to carry a small bottle or testers for re-applying when the perfume wears off.

8. Never over do

While everyone wants to smell good, would nobody want to be a sneezing zone. It is important to choose your fragrance wisely and not go over the top with it.

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