Kulraj Randhawa, Her Story of Wit and Charm

Kulraj Randhawa, Her Story of Wit and Charm

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Kulraj Randhawa, popularly known as Kareena for her epic performance in her debut serial has been a charmer in the Punjabi and Indian Film Industry. Her love for art is deep and her spiritual essence, all the more exuberant. In an exclusive interview with the TLJ team, she talks about her journey and much more…

The Journey Of Kulraj Randhawa

How did your journey begin?

Kulraj Randhawa: While I was doing my graduation from Bangalore, I started getting modelling offers. However, I was very young at that time and wanted to finish my studies. Later on, I moved to Mumbai for pursuing an acting course. So, it was not like I rushed into acting. It was rather very systematic and planned for me. And eventually, I signed for the role of Kareena Kareena.

You have the experience of working in film industry as well as for television. How had been your transitional experience and which one was better for you?

Kulraj Randhawa: It is quite difficult to weigh one over the other because both films and television have their pros and cons. Television is a huge platform which gives you an opportunity to make space in the hearts of common people from a day-to-day basis. Film is another baseline, altogether. It was very difficult at that time to transit when I joined the industry. I did not want to rush into films and it was only when I got first Hindi film with Rishi Kapoor that I agreed to enter the Hindi film industry.

Kulraj Randhawa The Lifestyle Journalist Magazine

Kulraj Randhawa At The Lifestyle Journalist

Who is the Kulraj Randhawa that your fans do not know of?

Kulraj Randhawa: I am a very closed person. Being an actor, some things need to be checked. You simply cannot share everything with the world. You need to maintain a clear borderline between the private and public. There is so much of pressure that sometimes you tend to become what people or fans want you to be. I love my work and it is an honour to work infront of camera but I want to stay comfortable in my skin. I am a very spiritual person who believes in destiny. I feel fortunate to have come so far in fifteen years of my professional journey but I feel all the more proud to have learned to balance between the professional life and my family. The friends I have are not new born or from the industry but the ones that had been there even before the time I became an actor.

You are setting up your own production house. What kind of films are you planning to make?

Kulraj Randhawa: I wish to generate content for film and television through numerous diversifications and approaches. Whether it is a commercial film or a research film or a short film; I wish to create something new and experimental that make people view the same thing from a different point of view. There are many international offers to be explored. The goal is to do something that has not been done before.

Tell us about your Punjabi connection.

Kulraj Randhawa: I feel very fortunate to have been born in this place and belong to this community. I have always received immense support and motivation from people here. It is indeed a great feeling.

Your role in Nidhi Singh is quite profound. What scope of such films do you see in Punjabi film industry beyond comedy?

Kulraj Randhawa: It is a women oriented subject and nobody had experimented with such a role in Punjabi film industry before. It was very hard-hitting and everyone was quite surprised with my performance. There are so many offers but until an offer does not excite me, I do not take it. Somehow, I cannot feel satisfied and happy to take an unexciting role. I have always weighted quality over quantity. I have done very selective films. I regard acting as a part of art. It is who I am infront of camera. I feel that Punjabi film industry has grown in the recent times at an exponential rate and there are loads of opportunities to explore in this industry at present. The reachability of Punjabi films, similar to Bollywood films, has become international.

Kulraj Randhawa

What next?

Kulraj Randhawa: I am tired of regular stuff and convinced to do something different by experimenting with media. I never take “No” for an answer. There are various exciting international projects with new ideas in the pipeline.

Do you plan to join the politics?

Kulraj Randhawa: It is an interesting subject and I am not sure about future but there are no such plans as for now. There have been offers but I am committed with the fact that I am focusing right now on camera.

You are designing your own home. Is it an inborn talent?

Kulraj Randhawa: I did not realize it before I started designing my Bombay home and very quickly, I realized my passion for the same. So as soon as my parents planned to construct home in Chandigarh, I thought of beginning from the scratch. I started with little things from the structure of windows to the colors to the furniture to the tiling. Finally, when the results came out, my parents were quite happy and proud.  I believe it is only the artistic side in me that has helped me to create something new and interesting.

Advice for the young aspirants in the Indian film industry?

Kulraj Randhawa: There are no shortcuts. Nothing is a cakewalk. Achieving something at cost of self-esteem is not just worth it. Everyone should aspire to have an attitude but only the right one. There is no point in having unrealistic goals. Be true to yourself. Dream big and go step wise!

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