Maharani’s of India

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Elegance & Style from Past- 5 Most beautiful Indian Maharanis

Forget about the beauties you see in the contemporary Miss India’s and Miss Universe pageants, the Indian princesses have been famous world over for their incredible beauty, effortless regal style and huge social activities since ages…. They were the master of their own style and loved to live their life luxuriously bejeweled with pearls and fashionable clothes…They epitomized fashion, triggered trends and became a source of inspiration for many.

Here is a look at the fashion icons of all times in India…the most beautiful Maharanis and their quick fashion tips…

  1. 1. Maharani Gayatri Devi

Top global magazines have described her as one of the most beautiful woman in the world in the 60’s. Late RajmataGayatri Devi, the Maharani of Jaipur (1939 to 1970), is the epitome of true royalty and effortless style. Her choice of fine fabrics like pure French chiffon sari draping her, a small bindi shining on her forehead and delicate pearls complimenting her outfit speaks of her style statement with the grace and poise.


  1. Indira Raje of Baroda (Maharani of Cooch Behar)


Maharani Indira Raje Devi had a grandiose charm about her. She passed on her beauty, sensuality and taste for fine fashion to her daughter Gayatri Devi who later became the Maharani of Jaipur and was pegged as the most beautiful woman in the world.  She was a strong-willed personality, who used to follow her own heart. And this is evident in her personal life when she chose to break off her arrange marriage with the Scindia of Gwalior to marry her love, Prince of Jitendra of Cooch Behar. Her pearl necklace and ear danglers were seen in many of her old pictures, hinting at her love for those. It is believed that she was the first one to spot a smooth textile, now chiffon, in Paris and asked if the width could be extended from 34 to 42 inches.


3. Sita Devi of Baroda

Known as ‘Indian Wallis Simpson’, Maharani Sita Devi of Baroda was always into the luxurious life and her love for having or buying luxurious items evidently prove that.  She was known for her meticulous detail to fashion as it was said that she used to travel with a thousand of saris with matching handbags and shoes. It was believed that the last order that Maharani made was for 260 exclusive saris from a factory called Saree& Co., which used to create French chiffon saris.


4. Maharani Sita Devi of Kapurthala


A fashion magazine labeled her as a ‘Secular Goddess’ when she was merely 19 years old- Rani Sita Devi of Kapurthala, who befittingly considered India’s most glamorous royals of all time. After three years, she was named amongst the five best dresses women on earth by the worlds’ top-most fashion magazines. She was the daughter of a Zamindar and got hitched to a younger son of the Sikh Maharaja Jagatjit Singh of Kapurthala. The Maharani was popular for her fine sartorial choices, which bespoke her royalty in her wardrobe. She was pampered by her husband who loved to lavish his royal wife with dazzling jewellery from the likes of Cartier Van Cleef&Arpels. Being true to her royal status, she was always seen wearing beautiful jewels gaining her praise and attention among her socialites.


5. Princess Niloufer of Hyderabad


She can be described as a woman of ‘Style with substance’,Princess Niloufer of Hyderabad was a royal by the virtue of marriage.  ‘Kohinoor of Hyderabad’ as she was popularly called, Princess Niloufer used to be considered among the most beautiful women in the world. Princess Niloufer loved to dress up in latest fashion at social outings.  Her looks and clothes were the talking point all over the country and in European cities. Many of her saris were designed by a Frenchman, FernandeCecire, and embroidered in India

She used to speak about women’s rights. She also got herself trained as a nurse during World War II and carried our relief work. After she divorced her husband, she donated all her wealth to build a hospital for women and children in Hyderabad.


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