LS Elections 2024-“Destiny brought me to politics. It was accidental.”- Meet Suresh Kashyap, two times MP from Shimla  

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Who is Suresh Kashyap and what makes the party bring him forth another time? Meet the BJP LS Poll candidate from Shimla, Himachal Pradesh 

He has twice been a Member of Parliament from Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, and is the BJP Candidate for the 2024 LS Polls, again from the same constituency. Meet Suresh Kashyap, an ex-Indian Air Force gentleman who believes in clean dealing and does not like to make people follow him unnecessarily for work; he likes to resolve issues quickly and in a time-bound manner. Here is a conversation between BJP leader Suresh Kashyap and The Lifestyle Journalist Magazine Chief Consulting Editor Dr Neha Miglani.

Beyond politics, who is Suresh Kashyap in real life? 

I have spent 16 years of my life in the Indian Air Force. Hence, heart in heart, I am sincere and punctual, and I have all the qualities that army personnel have. I don’t make people follow me too much unnecessarily. I believe in doing their work without the need to follow up. 

What has been your most significant achievement from the last tenure?

There was a pressing issue of tribal status in District Sirmour of Shimla. The matter has been lingering on since 1968-69. It was a long-pending issue, and we made 100% efforts to resolve it. It went through Lok Sabha, then Rajya Sabha, and eventually, it went to the President of India. Currently, the matter is Sub-judice since certain people object to it. However, we tried our best to take the matter to its logical conclusion. That was a landmark initiative. 

What is your mantra in life?

I am a very straightforward person. I don’t lie, nor do I make people follow me unnecessarily. Also, I don’t keep any revengeful feelings for anyone. Even in politics, I try to work above party lines. 

What is your strength, and what is your weakness?

My weakness is that I am very emotional, and my strength is that I am very strong-willed. If I decide something, I rest only when it is done. 

How did you enter politics?

I had no plans to come into politics. It was sheer luck, or you could be accidental. I was 33.5 years old when I came into politics. 

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