Meet Nik Baker's Owner Nikhil Mittal

Meet Nik Baker’s Owner Nikhil Mittal

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In the daily grind, we see most parents ushering their tots to opt for sciences, commerce or humanities. But years ago, a man with a foresight asked his son to be a chef and the after effect was that a nation got its most sought-after chef Nik Baker’s owner Mr. Nikhil Mittal. But you couldn’t have scoffed its bakery bites and savouries, had a son not followed his father’s seasoned steps. In this anecdote, TLJ writer Divjot Kamboj reveals how a father caught his son’s sweet tooth and made a legend out of it.

Nik Baker's Owner Nikhil Mittal


Nikhil Mittal of Nik baker’s has achieved what he once dreamt of and the dream was seeded in him right from his boyhood. The time when the kids are trained to mug up texts and opt for a career in medicine, commerce or humanities; Nik’s father, Vinod Mittal had a unique vision. Nikhil had a hankering for sweets and when he was in seventh grade, his father asked him if he would like to cook and serve world class sweets to the people. “As a child I had a craving for sweets and my father transformed it into a passion”, says Nik. 


Mittal is a great visionary, his experience and foresight has been a constant guiding force for Nik. The father thought out of the box and the son went out of the way to fulfil a common aspiration.  Mittal has always asked his sons to make a career in the field they obtained education in. While a major chunk of the youth flew abroad to earn dollars, Nik was there to earn the expertise in his field. As a student a chef is taught many lessons and the walk-in factory of Nik Baker’s is the culmination of all such lessons. Nik allocates, “I was given enough time and freedom to finally decide what I wanted to do. Once I made my mind, there was no looking back”.


Irrespective of the fact that  Mittal is the owner of a Nik Baker’s, his kids could see him working overtime and attending to the smallest of details. Nik shares, “I find myself fortunate that my father not only shared great ideas but has always walked the talk.” Nik is no different.  Mittal shared an instance where Nik had dumped 300 cakes because those were not upto his standards. Nik and his younger brother Nitin could experiment at MG stores only because their father was open to change. At MG’s or Nik, the one thing that would never be compromised is the quality.


The very feel of the bakery and delight in the bites is so exotic that the folks believe it to be an Australian brand. The most amazing fact is that Nik Baker’s owner’s entire family makes a contribution for your taste buds! “No recipe can reach the shelves until and unless it is approved by each and every female in the family”, confesses Nik. Nitin is the very backbone of the enterprise. He is a risk taker and his positivity is a moral support system for Nik. The wrapping that makes the savouries so tempting, the music that adds to the feel at their outlet and the running of the venture is because of his relentless efforts.


Way ahead of his time Nik Baker’s Owner Nikhil Mittal mentioned, India was, is and will always be a great market and I want my sons to be the greatest tax-payer in the food industry. The spine of the endeavour Nitin says, “All you need to do is hold on to that one dream and not give up until it becomes a reality.” Nik feels blessed as his work allows him to book a sweet corner in the hearts of many. The desserts are an emblem of joy and celebration and with his sweet venture Nik would continue to add to the festivity of every occasion.

 *Pic Credits : Official Website Nik Bakers  




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