Taste of Britain Curry Festival 2017, All You Need To Know

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From the roots of India to the streets of Britain, curry is ruling the culinary world and ‘Taste of Britain Curry Festival 2017′ is leaving no stone unturned in celebrating this. With the Michelin starred chef and his team in the house, we introduce you to the amalgamation of British cuisine with Indian flavours. 

“Indian cuisine and flavors are increasingly becoming a part of modern British food and heritage and I use it all the time.”


The Hosts Of Taste of Britain Curry Festival 2017

Hyatt Regency, Chandigarh hosted the Taste of Britain Curry Festival 2017 from March 17-26, 2017. Launched by the British Deputy High Commissioner Chandigarh, David Lelliot, Curry Life editor Syed Belal Ahmed and Michelin starred Chef Rupert Rowley, the festival gave diners a unique opportunity to taste an exclusive selection of British curry dishes.

Bringing to surface the journey of curry as a popular food in India and Britain and then around the world, they emphasized on the festival as one of the cornerstones of the British food and drinks industry. Having set a camp in Chandigarh for the same, the purpose of the festival was not only to promote British curry and talented chefs, but also an opportunity for them to trace food influences and culture in the country.

“I am delighted to welcome the team of British Curry Festival to Chandigarh. The festival is not only a showcase of British cuisine but also a testament to how popular curry is in UK and around the world. Having spent four years in the city, I am well aware that the citizens of the city beautiful enjoy good food,” said David Lelliot.

The Organizers

Organised by the Curry Life magazine, Taste of Britain Curry Festival is a global event which has promoted the best of British curry all over the world. “Curry is the most popular food in Britain and a lot of Indian origin chefs have achieved top level positions,” said Syed Belal Ahmed. Despite all the popularity and growth, the British curry industry faces certain challenges. “We have skill shortage, so this festival in a way is a skill sharing opportunity. Chefs are not only promoting British curry but will also be looking for good ideas in India and hopefully introducing some of these ideas in menus back in England.”

Taste of Britain Curry Festival 2017

With the tutelage of Gordon Ramsay and Raymond Blanc in his kitty, the festival witnessed the talent and skill of Rupert Rowley. “It’s my first visit to the country and when I was offered the trip and told all about it, it took me about 30 seconds to say yes. Though my culinary style is rooted in classical French, Indian cuisine and flavors are increasingly becoming a part of modern British food and heritage and I use it all the time,” he said.

With the ever-growing popularity of the Indian flavours and a decade old platform like the Curry Festival, it presented an opportunity to increase association of India with Britain through the world of food. “India and the UK’s shared passion for curry is reminder of what Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently referred to as the living brdge between our two countries,” said the Deputy High Commissioner.


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