Meeting the True You

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The most transformative thing you can ever do is remember who you are. Pooja Kumar, a life coach, in a colloquy with TLJ writer Divjot Kamboj, traces the journey from the “you” who you think you are to the “real you” – pure, shining, precious, whole, undamaged and undefended.


We all develop false identities so that we can survive in the world. Early on in life, we get the message that we shouldn’t feel the way we feel, rather we should think and act in ways that will please those around us. This results in a massive disconnect and the solution lies in reconnecting with the self. Pooja validates, “You will reunite with the long-lost friend within, only when you let the conditioned patterns that have defined you… wind away.”


The funniest thing about life is that we have to go all the way round in order to get back home to our own sweet self. Pooja offers, “It is the mirror that lets you meet the most important person in your life.” The self-talk in front of the mirror helps face your fears and insecurities. You let go of the negativity that you have been holding onto for the person staring back at you wants you to be happy. The mirror work will make you realize that it’s time to go home.



It is only when you feel lost that there arises an urge to be found. Pooja suggests, “Maintaining a journal will help you empty your mind and fill your heart.” Whether it’s positive or negative, writing gives you the possibility to look at your life as an observer and helps you take the right decision. Creative visualization is yet another tool to shape your reality. Pooja shares, “By changing your thoughts and mental images, you change your reality.”


You will know when you get there, and here are the signs. You will feel at home when you let go of conflict and confusion. You are lovingly present with things just as they are. You are empty of beliefs, troubles, and the need to control, yet you are amazingly full and overflowing. “Coaching is the universal language of change and learning. The key to learning how to change your life for good lies with a life coach.”

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